Emily Ratajkowski Shows Us How to Turn a $37 Top Into a Cool Little Dress

Photo: Splash News

We can always count on Emily Ratajkowski for a little fashion inspiration. It doesn't matter if she's on the red carpet or living it up on a yacht. She always delivers. And her latest street-style moment proves that she doesn't need fancy runway pieces to make a chic statement. During an outing in Los Angeles, Ratajkowski put together an affordable look that fashion lovers will appreciate.

The highlight of Ratajkowski's outfit: a $37 tank top by Adidas. Ratajkowski put her own sexy twist on the top by wearing it as a dress. You can follow Ratajkowski's lead and test out the shirt-dress trend by grabbing one in the next size up.

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Adidas Xbyo Elongated Tank Top

Ratajkowski anchored the look with coordinating Adidas sneakers. The taupe shoes are made for men, but Ratajkowski proves that borrowing from the boys is always a good idea.

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A burgundy backpack added a touch of color to the neutral palette. And reflective sunglasses pulled Ratajkowski's entire outfit together. We're definitely saving this look as inspiration for next weekend.

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