This Entire 'Emily in Paris' Outfit Costs $45

And surprisingly, it's not sold out — yet.

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This Entire Emily in Paris Outfit Costs $45

Raise your hand if you've personally experienced the disappointment of seeing our favorite TV character wear an outfit you love, doing an extensive Google search for said outfit, only to find it's lightyears beyond your budget. Thousands of dollars for a slinky little tank dress? Umm...probably not the best use of anyone's hard-earned cash. But $45? Well, that's bringing things back down to Earth a bit — which is good news for Emily in Paris fans.

In the sixth episode of season 2, Mindy Chen, Emily's talented, singing BFF played by Ashley Park, steps out in a tight printed corset and matching thigh-slit skirt. At first glance, the sexy set looks luxe and expensive, like something that comes with a side of credit card debt. But we did our research and it's actually from the fast fashion brand Pretty Little Thing, and due to sale pricing, the two pieces total just $45.

You read that right: A whole perfect-as-a-summer's-day outfit for under $50. Surprisingly enough, neither item is sold out yet, which makes it even more tempting to add them to cart. After all, who knows how long this deal will last?

Orange Tie Dye Print Structured Corset Top

Emily in Paris

Orange Tie Dye Ruched Side Midi Skirt

Emily in Paris

Of course, like many fashion lovers, Mindy — or, rather, the show's costume designers — know that the best outfits involve balance. So, while that eye-catching top and bottom may ring in at a reasonable price point, the rose gold lightning-embossed platform Terry de Havilland shoes paired with it kick the cost way up. If you're trying to create the whole look, know this pair will set you back $549.

C'est la vie!

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