InStyle Editors Put the 'Ultimate Summer Leggings' to the Test

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There are leggings, and then there are high-tech leggings. Products from Tommie Copper—which is billed as the OG brand to sling copper-compression sleeves and clothing—certainly fall into the latter camp. But, what can copper compression do for me, you ask? It's a legit question!

Basically, the brand's products are engineered specifically to promote circulation; they also assist with muscle recovery and support. Then, there's the special 4D Lycra that the leggings are made of. Encapsulated in copper and zinc, the super stretchy fabric lays claim to magical properties such as anti-odor technology, sun protection, and body-temperature regulation.

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Those are some big claims! But, if they're true, these are pretty much the ultimate summer leggings. Mulling this, we did what any team of fashion-obsessed editors would do: We took the leggings out for a test run. Here's what our crew had to say about Tommie Copper’s newest goods.

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“I wore a size small and they fit perfectly, very comfortable and not restricting. The material is very soft, stretchy, and smooth. I took a Barre class and they definitely wicked away sweat and helped to cool down my body. They didn’t even feel like compression leggings, just normal workout apparel.” —Steffi Lee, Assistant Fashion Editor

“Since these are billed as 'compression leggings,' I imagined a sort of sucked in, Spanx-esque sensation. I resigned myself to the idea that they might not be the most comfortable thing in the world to wear—but I'd soldier through for the sake of this story. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find the style, while snug enough to stay up throughout vigorous burpees, was pliant and soft. I can't speak to anti order situation just yet (I had to had to peel them off and change for work) but I'll be testing that soon—it's a good excuse to leave them on all day!” —Alison Syrett, Fashion Writer

“The Tommie Copper compression leggings didn’t make me overheat—even when I wore them on a 90 degree day! They moved with my body and I didn’t feel like I consistently had to readjust them.” —Ann Jacoby, Assistant Fashion Editor

“With summer upon us, I really look to leggings that can absorb sweat. It is so embarrassing to have to walk around with sweat stains after your workout! These leggings not only had great absorbent, but stayed really breathable at the same time.” —Stephanie Perez-Gurri, Assistant Accessories Editor

“For someone who goes straight from the gym to running around the city, I found these leggings perfect for me! They were snug enough to keep me comfortable and confident during my workout, but allowed me to keep cool while running around the city running my day-to-day errands.” —Taylor Reagan, Accessories Assistant

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