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High Waisted Denim
Credit: Kyleen James

Working in a creative environment allows me both the pleasure and the process of wearing denim to work. Pleasure being that it's denim and not any of the following fabrics that will itch, insulate, or wrinkle: polyester, nylon, linen, or wool. Pleasure being that denim is the essence of comfort, an article of clothing that "hugs" you, if you will.

However, with all of that pleasure and support comes a process. And for some, like myself, the process can be dark. Although, I cannot deny the strides that have been made since my teen years. How scary were the millennial low rise jeans? At one point, it became common conduct for us to have our butt-cracks exposed. Why did we ever wear jeans that had a surplus of rips and tears that resembled them being spat out of a lawnmower? Being a sucker for a trend has not proved to be very fulfilling, and I have tagged Facebook photos to prove it.

As a woman with a Cuban background, low rise jeans are definitely not the answer. I have been blessed with wide hips, a big butt, and a small case of thunder thighs. So, with that being said, all of those aforementioned qualities forced me to dive into the search of all searches: the best fitting high-waist jeans. Preferably ones clean and sleek enough for me to wear to work.

So the search ensued.

I quickly learned there were a lot of brands that didn’t complement my body-type, causing severe tightness around specific areas of my mid-section. My biggest problem were jeans being large around my waist and too tight around my thighs (cue the small clap of thunder). After many frustrating shopping attempts and fitting room meltdowns, my high level of discouragement forced me to put the search on hiatus.

After a few weeks of taking a mental and fiscal break from retail, I visited one of my favorite stores in N.Y.C., The Line, to shop for housewares. My friend who works there updated me on their new RTW line called Khaite. She asked me try on a few pairs of their denim, a specific style called the “Vanessa.” I gave her a hesitant and slightly agonizing glare. I was there to shop for new flutes, and was certainly in no mood to try on another pair of jeans that would make me break into a sweat just to get them past my knees. Yet, as the accommodating and cooperative person that I am, I did what I was told.

Once inside the fitting room, I immediately notice the high waist and the cozy fabric. I was advised to go one size down, as they tend to stretch. Upon sliding them up my rear I felt no strain, and needed no extra force to pull them up. Upon fastening the gold button I immediately felt the “hug” that a good pair of jeans likes to give from time to time. Without even needing to look in the mirror, I knew I had found something special.

As I exited the fitting room, I was permeating with confidence. Slim-fitting jeans that didn’t squeeze or inflict pain to my pelvic area was the goal I didn’t know I was working towards until that moment.

In a euphoric state, I splurged on two pairs and never looked back. They are my regular go-tos for work and date nights with my husband. I love the way they make me feel, polished while still comfortable. It wasn’t until I found these jeans that I realized, in a good pair of jeans, I can do anything.