By Olivia Bahou
Updated Jul 20, 2017 @ 5:00 pm
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Strapless Bra - Wacoal
Credit: Courtesy

Have you ever picked out the perfect going-out outfit, only to realize that you don’t feel like wearing it because you’ll be yanking up your strapless bra all night? I wear strapless bras a lot, and I used to struggle nearly every day between looking cute and being able to move around without awkwardly adjusting my top.

I assumed this was a universal struggle. Then, I went to a concert with my friends in an off-the-shoulder top, which meant I was pulling up my strapless bra every few songs so that it didn’t end up around my ribs. My best friend noticed my uncomfortable wiggle, which I tried to pass off as a dance move, and solved my strapless bra woes: She told me about the Wacoal bra that she had just purchased ($65; In fact, she was wearing it at that very moment—but unlike me, she was free to dance around without the fear of a nip-slip.

Wacoal - Red Carpet Strapless Bra
Credit: Courtesy

The secret, she informed me, was in the slightly adhesive lining, which helps the bra stay up but isn’t nearly as uncomfortable as, say, sticky boobs. (Seriously, I don’t even feel the stickiness). The little piece between the bra cups is also lined with the same adhesive, so it stays put without a risk of riding up or slipping down.

Seeing as we’re the same exact bra size, I trusted her judgment and ordered one from Nordstrom without trying it on beforehand—a usual no-no when it comes to buying bras. It came a few days later and fit like a glove.

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Fast forward a few weeks to when I was texting my friend during my morning commute on the sweaty NYC subway and had a sudden realization: I couldn’t remember the last time I had even thought about my strapless bra. I wasn’t dreading putting it on, or planning outfits to avoid wearing it. I wasn’t pulling it up all day long, or having sudden moments of panic when I realized the cups were around my belly button. One day I even chose to wear a strapless bra under a shirt that didn’t really need one.

But the real test came when I strapped it on for a full day of work followed by a concert. I danced, bopped, and sang my heart out all night—and my bra didn't budge.