The celeb-loved brand just dropped the dreamiest pieces.

By Samantha Sutton
Feb 16, 2021 @ 1:12 pm
Credit: Courtesy of Cult Gaia

Don't let that dipping thermometer fool you because before you know it, you'll be pushing your puffer coats to the back of your closet and reaching for breezy summer staples instead. Warmer, sunnier are on their way (aw hope), and in between our shivers and cravings for warm drinks, we're imagining ourselves strutting down the sand toward the ocean — and yes, this fantasy includes Cult Gaia's Spring 2021 collection which just dropped today.

As the brand celebrates its 10-year anniversary, we're getting a whole new assortment of glam-yet-relaxed designs. Sexy cutouts, eye-catching swimwear, statement earrings — we can almost feel the sunshine just looking at these pieces. And, yes, there are plenty of playful bags included in this mix as well, which will no doubt pair well with every summer outfit.

"There are times where it doesn't really hit me because I feel like things didn't feel real until about five years ago," founder and designer Jasmin Larian tells InStyle via email. "It makes me feel old, but also young in that we've accomplished so much in such a short time. I feel energized and excited about how much more we can accomplish going into these next 10 years of Cult Gaia. This launch is just the beginning of an exciting year ahead of celebrations in honor of our 10 year anniversary."

The brand has no doubt given us some unforgettable designs over the years, including multiple variations of its famous Ark bag, which often pops up on the arm of models and celebrities. But, according to Larian, there hasn't been one specific "I made it" moment.

"Any time I see people wearing and appreciating what we create, it makes me want to pinch myself. My team and I pour so much of ourselves into the design, development, and creative process that we feel so lucky when it is appreciated because that's not always the case. Lightning needs to strike!"

Lightening definitely struck with Cult Gaia's latest release. Get a peek at the Spring 2021 collection ahead and shop it ASAP on

Credit: Courtesy of Cult Gaia

What was the inspiration behind the collection?

Jasmin Larian: "I've always been inspired by the elements of nature, specifically the sun and the way it magnifies color, texture, and fabrics. Also by the wind and how it makes things move. This is what led us to the sand dunes in Pismo Beach, being inspired by wanting to play with how those two things would make a kite dance."

Credit: Courtesy of Cult Gaia

How has the past year influenced designs?

JL: "For this season, I was inspired by the contrast of complexity and ease. My original inspiration came from joints and furniture pieces, looking at joints as inspiration for how seams in clothing are joined together. Each style plays with how the individual pieces interact, tie, twist and lock together while continuing to honor the female body."

Credit: Courtesy of Cult Gaia

"Each piece is made to come alive in movement and light. We wanted this collection to mimic the feeling of being in the desert amongst the drama of the wind, sun, and sand. The landscape of the dunes so much reminds me of the curves of a woman's body and served as a huge source of inspiration. Ultimately the whole collection represents the heart and soul of our brand which is the contrast of a woman...both playful and powerful and full of flattering silhouettes paired with accessories that are objets d' art for a look that is uniquely Cult Gaia."

Credit: Courtesy of Cult Gaia

What does the future of fashion look like?

JL: "Specifically in the past year, I've seen that people are gravitating towards ease and comfort which has made me rethink how our clothing can be worn and the multiple end uses of our pieces. After spending the past year in loungewear, our customer is ready to dress up again. If a piece doesn't have multiple end uses, it has to make her feel like a million bucks — clothing that she treasures as art. The idea of fashion as art is something that we honor and execute in all of our collections and Spring 2021 is no different."

Credit: Courtesy of Cult Gaia