9 Ways to Wear a Corset Top

This sexy, celebrity-approved staple is way more versatile than you might think.


Eric T. White

Once upon a time, corsets were considered an extreme fashion choice. You mostly saw them on Halloween, as part of a sexy princess costume or Moulin Rouge moment, or spotted them on the red carpet, worn by "It" celebrities in the late '90s and early '00s. Even during a time when the "going out" top was in its prime, or when fashion fully embraced lingerie as everyday wear, corsets never truly felt like a wardrobe staple. They were special, fun, and unexpected.

But now, they're suddenly everywhere, every day, no matter where the wearer is headed.

This Bridgerton-approved trend has garnered its fair share of celebrity fans over the past few years, from Kim Kardashian to Kerry Washington — and it doesn't seem like the sexy staple is going anywhere. It's now become the norm to wear corsets with baggy joggers and cargo pants, style them with suits, and layer them over button-downs. You can invest in a bedazzled corset for a fancy occasion or try a cute corset mini dress for a quick date night look.

Gigi Hadid wearing a corset
Gigi Hadid wearing a corset.

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Clearly, there's no shortage of corset outfit ideas, but if you're looking for inspiration, check out some of our favorite ways to wear a corset, ahead.

With Structured Pieces

Corset with a suit outfit

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Whether it's trousers, a blazer, or a full suit, the contrast between something so sexy and something sharp will make for an eye-catching combination.

With Jeans

Corset With Jeans Outfit

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There's a reason jeans continue to be a mainstay in our wardrobe: they look great with everything! Instead of choosing a slim-fit pair of denim, try a design with a wider leg to balance out this form-fitting top.

With a Dress

A Corset Over a Dress Outfit

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This corset outfit idea has the potential of looking a little costume-y, so if that's not the goal, just keep things simple. Pair pieces from similar color families (ex: beige with brown or cream with light pink) so that they easily blend, or style a bright-colored corset over a neutral dress for a look that really pops.

With Joggers

Corset With Sweatpants Outfit

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While it may sound strange, these contrasting pieces create an athleisure ensemble that feels very '90s — and is pretty comfy, too. If sweatpants feel too casual, trade them for some baggy cargos and nail the old school popstar look.

With a Skirt

Corset With a Skirt Outfit

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A mini skill will bring things back to the Y2K era (especially with the addition of knee-high boots) while maxis tend to give off ethereal, bohemian vibes.

With a Little Leather

Corset With Leather Outfit

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There's something about this specific combo that reminds us of vampires — and TBH, we're into it. Combine a lacy black corset with leather pants or a long leather blazer for an outfit that feels ready for a fun night out.

Over a Button-Down Shirt

Corset Over a Button-Down Shirt Outfit

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Although corsets have historically been considered undergarments, they don't have to be. Play around with layering and use it to spice up your favorite basics, whether it's a long white button-down or a casual graphic tee.

With Coordinating Pieces

Coordinating Corset Outfit

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Go monochromatic and style your corset with coordinating bottoms and accessories. There's no need for the pieces to match perfectly — simply sticking to a single color scheme will still feel intentional and sleek.

With Shorts

Corset With Shorts Outfit

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Since many corsets allow the wearer to show a lot of skin, this piece is perfect for warmer temperatures and pairs perfectly with shorts. Go for a casual look with basic bike shorts, reach for a classic denim pair, or dress up your corset with some structured bottoms.

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