Her kids told her how they really feel about this outfit.
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It's Paris Fashion Week, and just like clockwork, Celine Dion is out doing God's work, giving all of the kids life with her jaw-dropping outfits. Seriously, Dion does not play when it comes to this whole street-style thing. Just last month, we spotted her completely owning the sidewalks during couture season. Now she's back at it again, and her bold outfit is drawing just as much attention as the brand-new designs on the runways.

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For her latest look, she selected magenta trousers, scarf, and hat from the Marc Jacobs Fall 2018 collection, topping it all off with a teal coat. It was a larger-than-life silhouette, which Dion managed to wear with a sophisticated ease.

Marc Jacobs has been sending oversize looks down the runway for years. But only a few celebs have dared to wear the extreme silhouettes. And even fewer have actually looked as amazing as Dion while doing so.

"My kids said I look like Mary Poppins," Dion confessed on her Instagram page. Well, we know that all kids love Mary Poppins, so that's just further confirmation that this is another A+ fashion moment from Dion.