Every Major Celebrity Is Weirdly Wearing the Same Outfit Right Now

Can you blame them?

Celebrity Sweatsuits
Photo: traceeellisross/Instagram

Remember back in March when we all excitedly slid into our comfiest clothes, grateful to give up stiff, structured pieces and bras for the time being? Yeah — that seems like a faint, distant memory to us, too. Months into the pandemic, staying home and social-distancing are still, unfortunately, the norm, and all fashion rules have really gone out the window. Some days, we get dressed up for no reason, experimenting with trends like fashion holes and schoolcore. Other days, we wear the same flared leggings (still LOLing over that TikTok trend) for three days straight, ignoring any judgment from family and friends.

However, the matching sweatsuit still reigns supreme as the ultimate quarantine uniform, especially in recent weeks, when stress over the election has been at an all-time high. Cozy, sleek, warm, comforting — these sets are all the things, and often feel like a large, material hug for your whole body. Even celebrities have resorted to stepping out in easy coordinated looks, adding their own personal touch with shoe choices and accessories, like Tracee Ellis Ross with her hoop earrings and colorful sneakers.

Ahead, get a dose of inspiration from the sweet celebrity sweatsuit outfits we've spotted recently, this way you, too, can snuggle up on the couch in style while watching the news (and your favorite hot newscaster).

Emily Ratajkowski

Celebrity Sweatsuits

The mom-to-be went with a neutral navy set while stepping out in New York. While she skipped socks this time around, the model and designer recently revealed they were her go-to trick to keeping her sweats elevated.

Skai Jackson

Celebrity Sweatsuits

Who says sweats can't be cool and statement-making? Skai Jackson went for a bold tie-dye look when leaving the set of Dancing With the Stars, proving this spring and summer trend is still alive and well.

Jasmine Tookes

Celebrity Sweatsuits

Not into sweatpants? Take a tip from this model and replace 'em with leggings. Just be sure to coordinate your hoodie — and your mask as well!

Hailey Bieber

Celebrity Sweatsuits

Mrs. Bieber seems to enjoy showing off her mid-section, so if you're looking for a way to turn this cozy look into something slightly sexy, follow her lead and opt for a crop top.

Mindy Kaling

Celebrity Sweatsuits

Like we said, fashion rules no longer apply. Get fancy and add some heels to your loungewear, just like Kaling did with her sweatsuit from Pangaia.

Elsa Hosk

Celebrity Sweatsuits

Sadly, cold weather is on the way. If you don't want to wear a massive puffer with your comfy-cozy outfit, a trench coat is another smart and sleek choice.

Selena Gomez

Celebrity Sweatsuits

The singer and actress wore this set early on in the pandemic, but we're still thinking about it, especially with the holidays approaching. Replacing traditional cotton with cashmere or other knit materials is a way to make your matchy-matchy outfit feel somewhat elegant, while fuller, balloon-like sleeves will give it a fashionable twist.

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