Cardi made rap — and fashion — history at the Grammys.

By Alexis Bennett
Updated Feb 12, 2019 @ 10:30 am
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When I say Cardi B is well on her way to becoming a style icon, that's no exaggeration, and her appearance at the 2019 Grammy Awards provided all the receipts you need. Not only did she make history as the first female solo artist to win the Grammy for Best Rap Album, but she also made fashion history, with the iconic fashion house of Mugler allowing her and her brilliant stylists, Kollin Carter, to choose all of her outfits from the brand's archives.

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Only one other artist has been able to pull archival pieces from Mugler in 25 years. Maybe you've heard of her. She goes by the name Beyoncé. Remember her gold robotic bodysuit from the "Sweet Dreams" music video? It's a throwback from the Mugler 1995 collection — the same line that Cardi B pulled two of her looks from for the Grammys.

The 26-year-old started off the evening in what the brand calls the "Venus" sheath dress: a reference to Sandro Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus" painting. We love a fashion moment that makes everyone stop to take it all in, and that's exactly what happened when Cardi stepped on the red carpet in the satin and velvet dress which opens around a blush bodysuit, from the Fall 1995 collection. And that was just the beginning of her fashion parade.

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For her performance, Cardi changed into a purple duchess satin coat, which was quickly tossed to reveal a long-sleeve sheer bodysuit dripping in rhinestones and covered in panther spots. My personal favorite piece from her performance is what the Mugler brand calls the "Peacock." It's a feather-trimmed crinoline that accentuated every dance move Cardi busted out.

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To accept that history-making award, Cardi rocked a white crepe shawl dress from Mugler's 1997 Spring collection called "Les Insectes." And we can't forget to mention the fringe gloves, which took the look to an entirely new level.

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For the fourth look, Cardi slipped into another Mugler outfit from the 1997 Spring collection. This time, a black chiffon coat with a feathered collar and a striped bodysuit.

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As you can see, Manfred Thierry Mugler's work from the '90s was truly magical. And the exclusivity — really, no one but no one gets to re-wear these pieces once they've been retired — makes Cardi's four-look night out a major big deal. For more fashion history, see the original runway images of Cardi and Beyoncé's archival revivals below.

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