Butt-Protecting Fashion Is the Spring Trend We Didn't See Coming

Skirts with trains, shirts with trains — designers are creating all kinds of new ways to cover your a**.

Photo: Victor Boyko/Getty Images

Typically, spring and summer aren't the most practical seasons when it comes to fashion. In years past, we've found ourselves wobbling down cobblestone streets wearing wedge sandals, struggling to figure out strappy bikini tops, and had our fair share of Marilyn Monroe dress moments due to rogue gusts of wind.

However, in 2022, we might just have a solution for a major seasonal struggle we know all too well: sitting down on a scorching hot — or even a questionably clean — seat and burning the backs of our bare legs. Long trains, attached to both skirts and shirts, were a trend we spotted on a handful of Spring '22 runways, turning butt-protection clothing in to an actual thing.

In some cases, these trains were a twist on the high-low look that takes us back to the early '00s. However, at Chanel, they came in the form of an additional flap. Basically the mud flap you'd see behind the tires of a semi truck but oddly chic.

Either way, we're all for making this small switch next year, solving at least one dilemma on our list.


Estrop/Getty Images

Chanel is famous for these sweet little suits, but the train on the back of this skirt adds a whole new element of fun — and practicality — for the warmer weather months.


Emmanuel Wong/Getty Images

Not only does this elaborate skirt work as a statement piece in an otherwise simple look, it'll save your legs when sliding into a car with leather seats.

Louis Vuitton

Peter White/Getty Images

It's not just Spring 2022's skirt selection that included trains, either. This breezy, butt-protecting mullet top appeared on Louis Vuitton's runway, giving us another smart, breezy option to add to our wardrobe.

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