Why TikTok's Brittany Xavier Is Continuing to Wear Crop Tops and Cutouts While Pregnant (Exclusive)

"I want to fully embrace it before it's over," she tells InStyle of her pregnancy.

brittany xavier
Photo: Anthony Xavier

At one point in time, being pregnant meant having to shop at specific mall stores with a small selection of less-than-exciting clothing. But over the past few years, 'maternity style' has fully evolved, encouraging moms-to-be to follow fashion's number one rule: wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

For influencer Brittany Xavier, who is expecting a baby girl with her husband Anthony, that means keeping crop tops and cutouts in rotation, even as her body changes. Her pregnancy outfits have been far from traditional, but as her over 4 million TikTok followers can likely tell you, this isn't at all surprising. Xavier has always been someone to watch in terms of outfit inspiration, and even as she approaches the later stages of pregnancy, she's keeping up with trends and showing off her midsection, just like she usually does.

Chatting with InStyle over email, Xavier — who also has a highly entertaining YouTube channel, where she documents everything from sweet family moments with her 14-year-old daughter, Jadyn, to shopping hauls — shares a bit more on her recent fashion choices, her favorite budget-friendly tips, and her plans for the future.

How has your pregnancy style differed this time around?

"During my pregnancy with Jadyn, I was working full-time in retail and needed to wear slacks and comfortable shoes every day to be able to be on my feet for long hours. This time around, and with a less formal dress code for my career, I'm able to experiment with different styles and have fun with dressing my growing belly in more creative ways."

You've continued to wear cutouts and crop tops, which some might shy away from or not think of as 'maternity' style. What made you want to wear those styles?

"It was so interesting, when I was first searching for maternity clothing early in my pregnancy, so many pieces seemed to cater to covering my bump with loose clothing and I realized I wouldn't be able to find true maternity clothes that allow me to stay authentic to my style. I'm so proud of my little baby growing, I didn't feel the need to hide behind loose clothing. I wanted to show my bump in a flattering way because pregnancy is such a short period of time and I want to fully embrace it before it's over."

brittany xavier
Anthony Xavier

Can you tell me any details about the outfits you put together for this shoot and why you went with those choices?

"I love a classic tweed Chanel coat with soft denim. I wanted my bump to be highlighted but still have a fall feel, and the Chanel necklace is also so special. The [Marc Jacobs] dress is very stretchy and ultra-comfortable, but the cut made me feel very fashionable and edgy — I wanted to pair it with my chunky black boots because it's a dress meant for movement."

"The Alberta Ferretti dress is so special as it was part of my maternity shoot. Although it's not a maternity specific dress, it was very flattering for my bump and made me feel very angelic."

What were some of your go-tos throughout pregnancy, and maybe in the later stages?

"I love the stretchy dress from Skims. I have it in a couple colors because it was a perfect dress for being comfortable to work from home while lightweight enough to keep me cool during the summer in LA. I bought these Balenciaga slides a few months ago when I realized I would be needing comfortable sandals for the duration of my pregnancy. I love the flatform and how they go with almost every outfit. These GRLFRND jeans were my go-to low rise denim and the material is so soft — my daughter has a pair in her size and says they're her favorite low-rise jeans also. These are all items that I'll be wearing after my pregnancy as well."

brittany xavier
Patty Othon

Did you invest in any fashion items that were made specifically for pregnancy?

"I never invested in anything specific for pregnancy besides shapewear and bodysuits for being comfortable at night and making sure I had lower back support. I sized up dresses, and I found a new love for low-rise denim because that was how I was able to still incorporate denim that was still comfortable for my bump, without wearing maternity jeans."

Do you feel like your fashion has gotten more daring or even sexier as you've gotten older?

"I think I dressed more revealingly during the early 2000s in high school when ultra-low-rise, tight jeans were in style with short tops. Now, I feel way more styles are available to experiment with; I also love so many menswear pieces. I don't feel so limited to what I can and cannot wear. Also as I've gotten older, I feel more confident in my style and able to wear pieces that I love- even if they aren't the most trendy."

brittany xavier
Anthony Xavier

You do wear a lot of luxury brands, but do you have a favorite fast fashion place to shop, or budget-friendly tips?

"My daughter loves Urban Outfitters and while taking her shopping there, I was able to find items that were comfortable during my pregnancy and able to size up to make bump friendly. I also love to check out my local thrift store when I have extra time because I usually will find a one-of-a-kind item and love the thrill of searching through the different pieces. My tip: go to a thrift store when you have time to shop and go piece by piece through the different sections. I've found great silk and leather pieces at a thrift store by searching this way, and I'll invest in getting it nicely cleaned so it looks like new."

Since your pregnancy style included everyday pieces, do you plan to rewear them afterwards?

"Yes! Although I'm excited to get back to my high-waist trousers and pre-pregnancy pants, it's nice to know I also enjoy wearing dresses now and will continue to incorporate them into my wardrobe even after pregnancy."

You've definitely reached a new level of success through TikTok. What has that been like?

"It's been surreal because I gained most of my following on TikTok during 2020 in lockdown. Now when I'm out and about, it's been so nice to hear people say they're inspired by my videos and feel they're able to connect with me more on a deeper level. I've felt the freedom to post more personal videos and tell stories on TikTok in short form, which has also led me to be excited about long form videos on Youtube and be able to tell more of my story on there as well."

brittany xavier
Anthony Xavier

What has it been like collaborating with your daughter, even more so now that she's older?

"It's been so great because she genuinely enjoys creating content, and it's also helped inspire valuable teaching lessons with her around how to handle online bullying, internet safety, and how to manage her income well from a young age. I like that I'm able to spend time with her as well as creating content together, especially in a way that speaks to her generation."

You're obviously focused on welcoming a new baby, but do you have goals you're working toward with your career?

"Yes! So many changes are happening with my business in the next year, I'm excited for when I'm able to share more. Immediately though, it will be an adjustment getting used to new mom life again. I feel that, in a way, I'm starting over because it's been so long since Jadyn was a newborn. Anthony and I are really preparing ourselves mentally to make sure we have a good work/life balance plan in place in order to keep Jadyn and our new baby girl always first as a priority, while continuing to run our business in a successful manner."

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