If Boho Outfits Are Your Thing, You'll Want to Try These 7 Stylist-Approved Ideas

The pros are sharing their best tips for nailing the look in 2022.

Boho Outfits
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Some fashion trends come and go. Others, like 90s fashion, see a resurgence — sometimes, more than once. But then there are aesthetics that seem to stand the test of time, usually with modern twists that make them feel more current. Boho outfits are the perfect example.

The bohemian genre of dressing first became popular in the 1960s. Heavily inspired by the happenings at Woodstock, clothing was doused in earth tones and psychedelic prints. The average wardrobe was akin to a mood board of all things casual, cool, and tapping into your inner whimsy. Peace sign rings and medallion necklaces, flowy maxi dresses and printed kimonos, wide headbands and thinly brimmed hats, peasant blouses, and everything paisley were all part of the mix. So it should come as no surprise that, in this age of escapism we're living in, boho outfits are becoming popular again.

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Still, the boho outfits of 2022 are not the boho outfits of, say, 1970. According to London-based fashion blogger, Maria Juvakka, founder of Chic Pursuit, the genre remains rooted in a fashion that looks effortless and seeks to unleash your artistic, free-spirited, and creative side, but you're going to see more body-hugging pieces popping up among the floaty staples of a traditional bohemian wardrobe.

"Boho is starting to produce trends that show off the body," Juvakka tells InStyle over email. "Open shirts with a bikini underneath, short floral skirts, or denim shorts are now creeping into the boho style." And the evolution doesn't stop there.

Beyond articles of clothing that showcase the body, Andie Sobrato, an SF Bay Area personal stylist, says she expects to see bohemian fashion executed in a more structured way and luxe by relying on fabrics like velvets, crochet, embroidery, and sheer knit to convey this artistic feeling, as opposed to predictable florals. "I see modern, sleek silhouettes but created in unique and organic fabrics," Sobrato says. "It will be in the subtle details of clothing where boho will make its way into fashion in the future."

What was once a very niche style has now become the type of aesthetic anyone can subtly sneak into their wardrobe. Below, we've rounded up tips from stylists on how to embrace boho-chic in 2022.

Mix It Up


The bohemian style of dressing, while rooted in the state-side hippie uniform, is an aggregation of elements, and Cat Pope sees the genre leaning into that kind of mishmash in 2022.

"I like the idea of playing around and mixing items from different contexts, genres, and occasions into outfits. I feel that's the new way of dressing boho for 2022," the celebrity stylist tells InStyle. "For example, this outfit I styled for [rental service] Nova Octo. It has sharp, on-trend denim blue jeans from Goldsign, a baroque coat from Brock Collection, and a sharp shoe from Stuart Weitzman. I also added unexpected and mismatching earrings that toughen it up from Rosantica. I think this is a fresh new direction for Boho."

Whimsy is the Word

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Despite our modern-day twists, the contemporary version of boho style from the 1970s isn't going anywhere.

"This era was a freedom of self-expression through fashion and the dreamy quality of bohemian style is still what keeps the trend alive in the mainstream," celebrity stylist, Tiffany Briseno tells InStyle. To remain true to the traditional aesthetic, she recommends pairing a romantic top with wide-leg printed pants for your everyday look or silk, printed long gown, leather boots, and large statement earrings for a more formal occasion.

Stick to Earth Tones

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While the dopamine dressing trend is all about vibrant, striking pops of color, boho outfits are, traditionally, anything but bold in terms of their color palette. Stylist Candy Holladay says you could think of bohemian fashion as a rebellion against these post-covid aesthetics.

"Embrace neutral colors like tans and grays," Holladay instructs, adding you'll also want to "ditch the denim for florals and novelty print fabrics" to hone the look.

Statement Sleeves Are A Must

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Puff sleeves, balloon sleeves — whatever you call them, statement sleeves are a staple in the bohemian wardrobe.

"These sleeves are a great way to add volume to your outfit to embody a more relaxed and oversized look without feeling like you're drowning in your outfit," celebrity stylist, Caitlin Jaymes tells us. Pair them with high-waisted flares and heeled booties with chunky gold hoops for an extra pop, or opt for a maxi with a puffed sleeve detail paired with mid-shin heeled boots. "Add in a few layered necklaces and bracelets," Jaymes says, "and you're good to go!"

Bell Over Baggy Bottoms

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It's been said that skinny jeans are out and baggy mom-jeans are in, but if you're going boho in the foreseeable future, you'll want to trade in your ripped, roomy pairs for bell-bottoms, the boho pant of choice. As for how to style them, fashion blogger and stylist at Closs Fashion, Kiki Baltzi recommends a sexy bra top and crochet cardigan for the perfect modern-day pairing. Accessories-wise, Baltzi recommends not holding back on the big, gold accessories in your collection to make a statement.

"As for the shoes," she adds, "you can go for either a pair of chunky platform sandals or your favorite sneakers."

All White Everything

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Another boho outfit making a comeback this season is the white co-ord look, and the look is easier than ever to master. According to Baltzi, all you need to embrace the 2022-take on the trend "is a white flare skirt with a long-sleeved, off-the-shoulder top, a pair of chunky gold earrings, and a pair of chunky shoes."

Make It Your Own

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Attention fashionistas with a knack for DIY: Emma Trask, founder of The Chrysalis Lab and Carrie Underwood's current stylist, is forecasting a lean towards more vintage, hand-made, one-of-a-kind pieces in the modern bohemian wardrobe. "Some examples include anything crochet, macrame, hand embroidered, or hand-knitted [items]," she tells InStyle. Think elements of fringe and lace, rope, and natural bead embellishments. The more upcycled, repurposed, and handmade clothing, the better.

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