Please Tell Me Why I'm Obsessed With Bloomers

This old school underwear-shorts hybrid is slowly becoming my favorite form of loungewear.

Bloomer Shorts
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After spending so much time at home, I, like most people, found myself stocking up on loungewear. Early on, I was all about matching sweatsuits and pajamas that could pass as outfits. Then, I found myself deep in a hole on TikTok, and suddenly felt the urge to give fancy nightgowns a try. But between the summer heat and my daily Etsy searches, I've since discovered another comfy item that I've quickly become obsessed with: bloomers.

If that word immediately makes you think of your grandma, well, same. Whenever mine said it, I knew she actually meant underwear. But bloomers tend to be puffier than your average briefs, and in many cases, they're basically shorts. In other words, this hybrid is perfect for chilling at home, and the playful retro vibe satisfies the part of me that misses getting dressed-dressed (but also doesn't want to put in the effort to do so).

I'll admit that it feels slightly embarrassing to proclaim my love for such an old school staple, but it's important to note that I'm not the only one digging bloomers right now. There are plenty of photos on Instagram that make a case for these underwear-shorts, and between the modern versions and vintage finds, it'll easy to scoop up a pair for yourself

Some Bloomers Are Puffy Shorts

They might include patterns or ruffles and are cinched at the bottom.

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While Others Look More Like Underwear

Well, since you're at home, you might as well be comfy.

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They Might Come As Part of a Matching Set

Personally, I love a coordinated look.

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Bloomers Can Replace Your Basic Pajama Shorts

If you like to keep the temperature cool at home, they're super cozy when paired with an oversized sweater and slippers (and a blanket).

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But You Can Also Wear Them Out

Even if you go with a solid pair, they're more eye-catching than your average cutoffs.

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There Are Vintage Options

I bought my pair (or, at least my first pair) from Etsy.

Some Are Pretty Fancy

Shiny, sheer, ruched, ruffled — there are a lot of possibilities here.

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And, It's Entirely Possible the Celebrity Crowd Will Catch On Soon

Even celebrity stylist Nicole Chavez — who dresses Kristen Bell and Rachel Bilson — has a pair, so it's only a matter of time before we start seeing celebs sporting the trend, too. I'm telling you, it's time to get a pair of bloomers.

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