They keep me feeling nice and toasty — even in the middle of a snowstorm.

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What to Wear to a Holiday Party
Samantha Sutton wearing an & Other Stories cardigan.
| Credit: Kat Slootsky

As someone who was born, raised, and currently still resides in New York, I honestly can't picture myself living anywhere else. The people, the scenery, the food, the energy (even in the middle of a pandemic); there's a lot to love about all five boroughs and beyond — but the cold is not on my list. I'm that person who carries around an emergency cardigan on a 90-degree day (just in case!), so once the winter rolls around, I get pretty passionate about finding warm coats and clothes, hoping to keep myself from feeling the biting, almost painful chill.

Please keep all of this in mind when I tell you that, if you're looking for a warm winter sweater, you should hit up & Other Stories.

To be honest, I became a fan of this store completely by accident. Sure, a ton of fashion editors shop there, and the brand is always on top of the hottest trends, selling items similar to those spotted on the runway without the thousand-dollar price tags. But, the reason I finally took out my wallet and made a purchase? I wore the wrong thing to the office on a pre-fall day, and was suddenly freezing. I popped in, bought a sweater, and the next thing you know, my life was changed.

Out of everything I own — including well-made vintage — & Other Stories sweaters have been the only ones that actually keep the cold air out, and have even made me sweat in the middle of a snowstorm. To be honest, I'm not even sure of the secret here, although it might have something to do with fact that these pieces are partially made of polyamide, a fabric that offers low breathability. Still, it's not just the store's knits that I swear by. I own some long-sleeved T-shirts from there that are also insanely warm and thick, and could easily take the place of a light jacket during transitional weather.

Aside from keeping my teeth from chattering, & Other Stories is great at giving its customers plenty of color options, and more often than not, a cute, fun, must-have piece will ring up under $100. At times, the stuff seems like more of an investment — it's a bit less budget-friendly than, say, a Zara or a great Amazon find — but, by sticking with the classics and my own personal aesthetic, I've been able to hold onto these items for years at this point. For me, it ends up being worth it.

As for winter 2021, I currently have my eye on a bold Relaxed Sweater, a good Mock Neck, a Hooded Sweatshirt, and a sweet cardigan, but I recommend scanning and finding something to suit your own unique style.