Underwear-Tops and Upside-Down Bikinis Are 2021's Weird Yet Viral Swimsuit Trends

Even better, you can use what you already own.

The Upside-Down Bikini and Underwear Top Are the Two New Swimsuit Trends to Try
Photo: Instagram/@riotswim/@kourtneykardash

Once the weather begins to warm up and the air has that fresh spring smell (it's a thing!), we start to daydream about our summer plans — particularly, the ones that involve fashion. And, although 2020's bright, sunny days were still being overshadowed by the ongoing pandemic, we're crossing our fingers that 2021 will include way more beach days, vacations, and plenty of swimsuits. (Seriously, go get vaccinated whenever you're able to!)

Of course, you can't blame us for being cautiously optimistic about it all, and therefore, not wanting to invest in new seasonal gear until we know we'll be able to get out and play. So, instead of investing in a bunch of brand new bathing suits, we'll be trying two viral tricks — The Upside-Down Bikini Top and the Underwear-Top — to revamp some of the older options we already own.

The Upside-Down Bikini

Sure, this trick has risen in popularity thanks to the Kar-Jenner family, but it's fairly easy for anyone to nail using an average halter-neck, triangle bikini top. All you'll need to do is flip the top upside-down, then tie it like you normally would, with the original bottom string now being knotted around your neck while the top part is tied in the back. This will create a fresh, statement-making look.

The main thing to keep in mind here is that this trick is best done with simple string styles, that way you'll be able to adjust the 'triangle' part in a way that's comfortable for you. And, of course, you don't need to knot the top strings (AKA the original bottom) around your neck. You can tie it in the back to create a 'strapless' look, or criss-cross the strings in front before tying them halter style for a Kourtney vibe (above).

If you don't currently own a triangle bikini, it's an easy staple to scoop up for a fairly reasonable price. Riot Swim has tried this trick out with its Bixi Top ($60), Frankie's Bikini's is a celeb-approved brand, and ASOS sells a handful of triangle bikinis meant for fuller busts.


Ok, so this swimsuit hack technically uses bathing suit bottoms and not underwear, but the name "bottom-top" sounds too confusing. There are tutorials going around TikTok that have shown us how to take two bikini bottoms, from different sets, and wear them as a single, criss-cross bikini top. All you need to do is turn a brief-like bikini bottom on its side before sliding your head through the leg hole and pulling the suit down below your bust. The middle part should now be touching one side of your ribs, while the other leg hole is for your arm to go through, creating a strap. Then, you repeat this on the other bikini bottom, creating a layered look.

You can also switch things up and create a criss-cross front with this trick as well. Simply pull the new 'strap' part to the other side of your neck.

If you don't want to use an old bathing suit bottom to create this playful look or are craving a more colorful combo, Summersalt sells mid-rise bottoms in a variety of bright shades. Jade also has plenty of great bottom options, which are a bit muted but still just as fun.

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