These 8 Jeans Make Flat Butts Look Rounder and Perkier

Levi’s Wedgie Straight Fit Jeans created a juicy peach with no squats required.

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These 8 Jeans Make Flat Butts Look Rounder and Perkier
Levis/ Good American

It's not a stretch to say fashion is currently obsessed with all things booty. From thong pants to butt-lifting leggings, all the buzziest products are promising a bigger and better butt. For those with less mass in the region, this focus on the derriere can be a little bit discouraging. But have no fear, there's actually a simpler solution than squats or booty creams to enhancing your assets: the right pair of jeans.

We asked several stylists whether jeans can make your butt look bigger, and the answer was a resounding, yes. With the right fit and details, like pockets and fading, jeans can make a flat butt look rounder and perkier. In addition to booty-boosting features, we looked for durable materials and inclusive sizing. Recommended by fashion stylists and editors, Levi's Wedgie Straight Fit Jeans lift and define your backside with a high rise and strategically-placed pockets. Add in the fact that they come in more than 10 washes and three different inseam lengths, and this style earns our Best Overall spot.

If you're ready to transform your backside, check out the best jeans for a flat butt below:

Best Overall

Levi’s Wedgie Straight Fit Women's Jeans

Levi’s Premium Wedgie Straight Fit Women's Jeans


What We Love
  • These straight jeans subtly lift up your butt.

What We Don't Love
  • The no-stretch fabric can feel a little tight when you first put them on.

Levi's Wedgie fit is one of the best jeans for lifting up the butt, according to Wishi stylist Adriana Gonzalez-Ramirez. Like the name suggests, the style creates the illusion of a wedgie, but in the best way. "The seaming helps emphasize your curves. They sort of pull up in between your legs—hence the 'Wedgie'—but not uncomfortably. That gives your butt a sort of extra definition," says Katie Donbavand, who tested the Wedgie style along with three other editors. The back pockets are also set high on the bum at a curve, which combined with the high waist, further lifts your butt.

Our testers did find that the jeans had less give than other pairs and felt a little tight at the waist, but they did stretch over the course of the day, as most jeans made from 100 percent cotton do. Coming in more than 10 washes and three different inseam lengths, you are sure to find your perfect fit.

Price at time of publish: $80

Size Range: 23-33 waist, 26, 28, or 30 length | Rise: High | Materials: 100% Cotton

Best Skinny

GOOD AMERICAN Good Legs Deep-V High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans

GOOD AMERICAN Good Legs Deep-V High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans


What We Love
  • From the yoke to the wash, these skinny jeans show off your assets.

What We Don't Love
  • The ankle length can be a little short if you have long legs.

If there's anyone who knows a thing or two about bootylicious jeans, it's Khloe Kardashian, who launched her own brand of denim with the goal to celebrate all body types and curves. While all Good American jeans are made to pass the "bum test," this pair of skinnies will really play up your backside. The deep v yoke and side set back pockets create an illusion of roundness, according to Joanna Angeles, Head Stylist at Tobi. The light wash is extra faded on the rear, which Angeles says will further highlight your booty and make your legs look leaner in comparison. Any gaping or bagginess can flatten your behind, and these jeans have a gap-proof waistband and a high waist to hug every curve. Plus, the recycled fabric is extra stretchy and soft, so you won't be constantly lifting up the waist. With all these details that put in the work for you, it's no wonder celebrities from Megan Fox to Chrissy Teigan wear Good American jeans religiously.

Price at time of publish: $119

Size Range: 00-26 | Rise: High | Materials: 98.5% Organic Cotton, 1.5% Elastane

Best Bootcut

Hudson Jeans Beth Mid-Rise Baby Bootcut Jeans

Hudson Jeans Beth Mid-Rise Baby Bootcut Jeans


What We Love
  • The flap pockets add extra dimension to your backside.

What We Don't Love
  • The jeans tend to run long, so size down or go for the petite sizes.

One of the easiest ways to boost your butt is choosing a jean with flap pockets, as the extra fabric adds dimension and calls attention to the area. Sadly jeans with flap pockets seem harder to come by these days. Hudson Jeans to the rescue: the cult celebrity brand is still designing flap pocket jeans, and you can't go wrong with this classic mid-rise bootcut style. They come in seven different washes, including the perfect white for summer. If you really want to bump up your butt, we suggest selecting the Memory Lane wash as it has some drastic fading on the rear to further highlight your backside. All washes are made with stretch material, so there's no sagging in sight.

Price at time of publish: $195

Size Range: 23-34, petite also available | Rise: Mid | Materials: 93% Cotton, 6% Poly, 1% Elastane

Best Ankle

Everlane '90s Cheeky Jean

What We Love
  • The high pockets make your butt look extra perky.

What We Don't Love
  • They run large.

For jeans that show off both your boots and your booty, go for this ankle length style from Everlane. The raised back hook seam lifts and tightens the behind while the brand's signature "happy pockets" sit high and close together for a perky look. Not only will you look good, but you will feel good knowing that denim is made from organic cotton and microplastic-free dyes and recycled trim. Ankle jeans are great for showing off your footwear, whether that's a sandal or ankle boot, but this style also comes in a regular length if that's more your vibe. And for those with curves, there's a curvy fit made for hourglass figures that struggle with gapping at the waist.

Price at time of publish: $98

Size Range: 23-35 | Rise: High | Materials: 98% Organic Cotton, 2% Elastane

Best Flare

Abercrombie & Fitch Ultra High Rise Flare Jean

Ultra High Rise Flare Jean

Abercrombie & Fitch

What We Love
  • These light wash flares give you an hourglass body.

What We Don't Love
  • The waistband has little stretch.

These jeans from Abercrombie & Fitch check off all the booty boxes. Flare leg? Check. Light wash? Check. High waist? Check. V yoke? Check. High, wide set pockets? Check. Bonus points for the style coming in extra short, short, regular, and long inseams. A dark top like this satin crop top will further highlight your proportions, according to Wishi stylist, Tara Sar.

Price at time of publish: $89

Size Range: 23-37, extra short, short, and long available | Rise: High | Materials: 93% Cotton, 6% Polyester, 1% Elastane

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Best Cropped

Mother Denim The Hustler Ankle Fray

The Hustler Ankle Fray

Mother Denim

What We Love
  • This cropped flare is super flattering on shorter figures.

What We Don't Love
  • The denim is rigid and takes some time to break in.

For petite figures, or anyone that prefers a crop cut, Sar recommends a cropped flare like this one from Mother Denim. Not only does it show off your amazing shoes, but you still get the butt enhancing effect of the flare leg without overwhelming your frame. The yoke is slightly curved and the back pockets are far set, rounding out your rear. There are 13 washes to choose from, most of which have that flirty fading on the backside. There's even a faded gray wash that could replace your go-to black jeans.

Price at time of publish: $238

Size Range: 23-34 | Rise: High | Materials: 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane

Best Embellished

Free people Firecracker Flare Jeans

Firecracker Flare Jeans

Free People

What We Love
  • The stars highlight the butt and make these jeans one of a kind.

What We Don't Love
  • They tend to sell out so don't snooze.

Those with a flat butt may think it's best to avoid calling attention to the area, but the opposite is true. The more embellishments you put on your behind, the better. These firecracker jeans have two suede stars that are strategically placed on your booty to lift and sculpt. The deep v yoke further rounds your rear, while the seam going down the backside literally underlines your curves. The flare leg is timeless and gives you an hourglass shape. We also like the two slit pockets on the front that subtly highlight your hips. Consider these the mullet of jeans; business in the front, party in the back.

Price at time of publish: $168

Size Range: 24-35, short available | Rise: High | Materials: 99% Cotton, 1% Elastane, Suede Stars

Best Low Rise

Revice Denim American Sweetheart

American Sweetheart

Revice Denim

What We Love
  • The tiny heart shaped pockets make your butt look adorable.

What We Don't Love
  • We wish they came in more washes.

Looking for something a little more cheeky? These low-rise jeans from Revice serve up plenty of sass. The heart shaped pockets on the back that not only draw attention due to adorableness but also because of their small size. That contrast in scale makes your butt appear bigger. Add in the light wash and slightly flare fit, and you have all the ingredients for a cute backside. If there's two things we know for sure, it's that low rise jeans are coming back and heart-shaped pockets are a recipe for success.

Price at time of publish: $98

Size Range: 23-32 | Rise: High | Materials: 98% Cotton, 2% Elastic

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What To Keep in Mind


You probably know that dark colors, like black, are slimming. So if you want to amplify your assets, go for the opposite—light wash. Even if you prefer darker shades, you can look for styles that have fading at the butt for an enhanced look.

"A lighter wash on the back area creates a highlight, whereas darker washes create a shadow, so look for jeans with a denim wash that emphasizes the booty," says Angeles.


Remember when it was cool to wear jeans with crazy embellishments on the back pockets, like sparkles and intense embroidery? Well it turns out the trend wasn't all bad. According to Angeles, any details on the back pockets will add dimension to the booty and make it seem fuller. Today's jeans have a little more restraint when it comes to embellishments, but you can still reap the benefits with details like flaps, zippers, or contrast stitching on the pockets.

The placement of the pockets is also key. Look for pockets that are set high and far apart as this will make your butt look wider and perkier.


If you think only eggs have yolks, here's a little style lesson for you. According to our experts, a yolk is a critical detail in making your butt look good. "When choosing jeans to enhance your booty, you need to consider a few things beforehand. Number one is looking at the yoke of the jeans, which is the horizontal line that runs above the pockets and below the waistband," says Wishi stylist Sharon Warten. "The yoke should be v or heart-shaped which helps give that butt-enhancing effect."

More brands like Good American are designing denim with deep v yokes. Even if a brand doesn't call out the yoke, you can use your own judgment to see if it's angled or runs flat across.

Your Questions, Answered

What's the best fit for a flat butt?

While you can wear any style of denim you want, it's best to choose one that hugs your curves if you want to accentuate your butt. "I would stay away from baggy, oversized jeans because this is going to blend your behind in with your legs and give little to no definition to that butt," says Wishi stylist Kate Gordon.

Godron's favorite jeans for enhancing the booty? Flares. "It's best to pick something that flares out at the leg, almost giving a bell bottom effect. This is going to make your waist look smaller, hips wider, and give the appearance of a bigger behind," says Gordon.

How do I prevent jeans from sagging, especially around the butt?

To avoid the dreaded saggy butt, stick to jeans that are form-fitting around the rear and also have some stretch to them. Materials like elastane and spandex are blended with cotton to create denim that stretches but also recovers back to its original shape and size.

It's also important to take good care of your jeans so that they don't stretch out. You don't want to wash them too often — in fact, Levi's recommends you only wash your jeans every 10 wears at most. When you do wash them, be sure to turn them inside out and then let them air dry. If you want to speed up the drying process, you can throw them in the dryer for 10 minutes on the tumble setting. Otherwise, over drying your jeans can destroy the elastane and/or spandex, causing them to stretch out and lose their shape.

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