The 14 Best Faux Fur Coats and Jackets to Add a Little Glam to Your Life

Nothing beats the style and comfort of an UGG jacket.

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Faux Fur Coats and Jackets

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I spent years thinking that outwear ruined or covered up my perfectly put-together outfit. Now, it is the moment. One look at my coat closet and you’ll be met with everything from jean jackets to puffer jackets to trench coats. My newest addition? A faux fur jacket (OK, two faux fur jackets).

But what once seemed like a cheap alternative to the real thing, cruelty-free alternatives available now have stepped up to be hardly indistinguishable from actual fur. They’re just as soft, come in more colors and shapes, and even cost less for a just-as-high-quality garment — and you’ll find yourself wearing yours all the time. “I’m a no-fashion-rule-could-hold-me-down type of gal,'' says stylist Ashleigh Ashton. “Any event calls for a faux fur moment, whether grocery shopping on those cold weather days or out for a fancy dinner with friends. On any given day you can find me in some shades, a big teddy coat, and a hoodie underneath.”

For your everyday errands, we think that the UGG Kiana Faux Fur Jacket delivered the best value with its oversized, snuggly fit, and irresistibly soft fabric. But we put together over a dozen more favorites for you to shop from, too.

Best Overall

Ugg Kianna Faux Fur Jacket

Ugg Kiana Faux Fur Jacket


What We Love: The texture feels impossibly soft.

What We Don't Love: There is not much tailoring in the jacket, creating a boxy fit that may not be to everyone’s liking.

UGG is well-known for its plush shearling, but they also have really great faux fur options, like this jacket. Much like anything UGG crafts, this jacket will feel like a cozy hug when wearing it, making it ideal for people who wish to relax into an oversized fit. This mid-length coat, which comes in pink, gray, and black, features a zipper closure and two large front pockets that are lined with fleece. The elastic cuffs and hem cut off a significant amount of airflow, allowing you to retain your body heat inside the jacket. It does have a boxy fit to it, which we think is ideal for layering thick sweaters underneath.

Price at time of publish: $198

Material: Polyester, elastane | Color: 3 | Size: XXS-XL

Best Splurge

Shrimps Fern Coat

Shrimps Fern Coat


What We Love: It’s a one-of-a-kind look guaranteed to give you a spotlight effect.

What We Don't Love: Additional duties for international shipping will be added to the price.

For something a bit more fun, pick this Shrimps coat, which features an eye-catching plaid instead of just a plain color. But aside from the playfulness of the pattern, the cut and unique tailoring around the shoulders and sleeves give this coat an elevated look. Puff sleeves cut off just before your wrists and would look wonderful when paired with a pearl bracelet. Two pockets are camouflaged in the blue, green, and red pattern of the coat, and the hem reaches just below your knees. Just note that international shipping will require you to pay taxes and duties on top of the listed price.

Price at time of publish: $630

Material: Polyester, elastane | Color: 1 | Size: 6-18

Best Budget

H&M Fluffy Coat

H&M Fluffy Coat

H and M

What We Love: The relaxed fit has a luxurious feel to it.

What We Don't Love: It runs quite large so you will have to size down.

One look at this fluffy coat, and you would never believe it retails for less than $100. The oversized fit features large sleeves and a knee-length hem. It’s quite roomy inside and only has two clasp closures at the front. So long as the wind doesn’t come on too strong, you’ll find yourself cozy and toasty in this coat. Reviewers have commented that it runs quite large, though, so size down for a more fitted style.

Price at time of publish: $85

Material: Polyester | Color: 1 | Size: XS-XXL

Best Plus Size

Estelle Matterhorn Faux Fur Coat

Estelle Matterhorn Faux Fur Coat


What We Love: It provides significant warmth.

What We Don't Love: The upper chest and neck portions are left bare, which will require you to get a scarf.

For an incredibly warm option (even during an east coast winter), you’ll love this. The endearing collar frames your visage, while a 34-inch coat drops down the length of your upper body. There are slip pockets on each side of your waist for you to hide your fingers and your valuables. You can snap the coat closed via the three buttons on the front, which do not go all the way up to your chin and might require you to grab a scarf as well. Overall, the jacket offers a minimalist appeal – without any striking patterns or designs – which makes it an ideal everyday coat.

Price at time of publish: $160

Material: Polyester | Color: 1 | Size: 1XL-4XL

Best Hooded

Alo Yoga Knock Out Faux Fur Jacket

Alo Yoga Knock Out Faux Fur Jacket


What We Love: The zipper goes all the way up to your chin, holding the hoodie in place.

What We Don't Love: It runs large, so you should consider sizing down.

I don’t know about you, but I’m much more likely to buy a jacket with a hood because there’s nothing that shields you from the cold quite like a giant hoodie. Not only does this option from Alo Yoga come with a chunky one, but it also features a zipper that covers you up to your chin and keeps the hood from falling off every few seconds. The satin-lined pockets can be zipped shut as well, protecting your valuables from falling out. However, because it runs rather large, we suggest sizing down for a proper fit.

Price at time of publish: $257

Material: Faux fur | Color: 3 | Size: 00-14

Best Short Patterned

Jakke Rita Faux Fur Coat

Jakke Rita Faux Fur Coat


What We Love: The fur feels very realistic.

What We Don't Love: It won’t go with everything in your closet.

Jakke makes some of the most realistic feeling faux fur we’ve seen. (The only thing that gives it away are the patterns.) This boxy oversized jacket has dropped shoulders and a thick collar that falls into a rever. Two discreet snap buttons allow you to close the front as well. This jacket is clearly for those who want to have a little fun with their outfits. Naturally, it will be difficult to match it with everything in your closet. Think of it as wearable art that you can show off wherever you go.

Price at time of publish: $376

Material: Acrylic, modacrylic, polyester | Color: 3 | Size: XS-XXXL

Best Long Patterned

Stand Studio Nino Coat Check

Stand Studio Nino Coat Check

Stand Studio 

What We Love: There is a snap button closure hidden in the jacket.

What We Don't Love: The coat requires professional dry cleaners to wash.

This long coat (46 inches, to be exact) falls just past your knees and features a unique checkered pattern. While it’s a fun and quirky option, it still looks elegant thanks to the luxuriously soft, realistic texture and the little collar framing the face. There are concealed snap button closures lining up the front of the coat, which are camouflaged enough not to disrupt the checkered design. The beige and brown neutral colors will also make it easy to pair with other items in your closet. This coat requires a professional dry cleaning session in order to be maintained – keep that in mind and wear it with caution.

Price at time of publish: $429

Material: Acrylic, modacrylic, polyester | Color: 2 | Size: 32-44

Best Short

Blank NYC Faux Fur Jacket

Blank NYC Faux Fur Jacket

Blank NYC

What We Love: The exaggerated collar gives you a sleek, luxurious look.

What We Don't Love: You can’t close the front of the jacket.

No frills, no patterns, just a sleek and straightforward jacket. This option falls right around your waist in an elegant straight cut. The collar-turned-rever drops down to the hem of the jacket, adding a simple yet distinguished detail to the jacket. Unfortunately, this also means that there is no space left for a button or zip closure, and the jacket will remain open. So, whatever shirt you opt to wear underneath, make sure it works with this jacket. For anyone with a long torso, keep in mind that this may look more cropped than short on you. A high-waisted skirt or pants will flatter this jacket flawlessly.

Price at time of publish: $98

Material: Polyester, spandex | Color: 2 | Size: XS-L

Best Crop

Abercrombie Cropped Faux Fur Jacket

Abercrombie Cropped Faux Fur Jacket


What We Love: It serves to complement your outfit, rather than cover it completely.

What We Don't Love: You cannot close the front.

For a night out, turn to this jacket that features a plush faux fur exterior and a silky lining. In the categories of quality, comfort, and appearance, this jacket ranks high for those who have tried it already. It’s cropped in length, and lacks both a collar and closure, so it serves to complement your outfit rather than cover it up completely. Therefore, it naturally isn’t the warmest of the bunch. The jacket also runs big, making it quite breezy overall. Consider it more as a fashionable accessory rather than a functional warm jacket.

Price at time of publish: $112

Material: Polyester, acrylic | Color: 2 | Size: XXS-XL

Best Long

Mango Faux Fur Coat

Mango Faux Fur Coat


What We Love: There is a wide size range, covering people from XXS to 4XL.

What We Don't Love: The V-neck cannot be closed and will allow the cold wind to reach your throat.

Mango makes surprisingly decent quality items that come in a wide size range at an affordable rate. This oversized faux fur coat has all that you need: a long hem, a stylish collar, a button closure, and overall sophisticated appeal. Plus, all three colors it comes in can be paired with anything in your closet. The V-neck, however, cannot be fastened, so a scarf may be required in the winter month.

Price at time of publish: $160

Material: Polyester, viscose | Color: 3 | Size: XXS-4XL

Best Long Shearling

Cos Faux Shearling Coat

Cos Faux Shearling Coat


What We Love: You can machine wash this jacket.

What We Don't Love: As with all things cream-colored, this jacket is prone to getting dirty quickly.

This shearling coat is not only elegant but sustainably made using recycled materials as well. Cos specializes in sophisticated designs and minimalist styles, which is evident in this straight cut coat. Dropped shoulders and an exaggerated collar give this look a relaxed appeal. There’s even a button closure right by your neck, allowing you to keep your upper body fully covered. The best part? You can machine wash and tumble dry this coat - a detail worth mentioning as it is a cream-colored option prone to showing dirt.

Price at time of publish: $350

Material: Recycled polyester, viscose | Color: 2 | Size: 2-14

Best Short Shearling

Unreal Fur Shearling Panelled Bomber Jacket

Unreal Fur Shearling Panelled Bomber Jacket


What We Love: It’s a long-lasting sustainable option that looks luxurious.

What We Don't Love: It may take a little longer to deliver as it’s being shipped from Australia.

Unreal Fur was founded with one mission only: to create vegan and cruelty-free clothing that feels luxurious. At first glance, it’s difficult to distinguish if this faux shearling is, in fact, faux. The look and feel of the fabric is nothing short of high quality. Made using recycled materials, this sustainable option comes with a mid-length hem, elongated sleeves, and a shearling-lined collar that can be zipped up to your chin. Buckle accessories can be found around the shoulders as well. According to the description, it comes with a detachable hood, although it is not pictured on the model. Note that this will be shipped from Australia, and can therefore take a little longer to deliver.

Price at time of publish: $424

Material: Polyurethane, recycled polyester, polyester | Color: 1 | Size: XS-XL

Best Color

Apparis Imani Coat

Apparis Imani Coat


What We Love: This jacket features a fun rainbow-printed interior.

What We Don't Love:  It may be difficult to style this piece with everything in your closet.

Apparis got its start specializing in faux fur outerwear, so the company truly knows how to make ethical clothing look good. The Imani coat is one of the warmest coats in its plant-based capsule collection. While the outer layer features a bright orange color (but is also available in pink, black, and beige) the interior is lined with a rainbow print design. The oversized coat has two side pockets and an interior button closure but otherwise sticks to a sleek, minimalist design. A fun pop of color always brings a little sunshine to the gray winter days and is a great way to brighten those winter blues. It will pair well with blue jeans, black tights, and beige trousers, but avoid adding too many contrasting colors otherwise.

Price at time of publish: $540

Material: polyester, recycled polyester | Color: 4 | Size: XXS-XXL

Best Lightweight

Rag & Bone Hesper Faux Shearling Jacket

Rag Bone Hesper Faux Shearling Jacket

Rag and Bone

What We Love: It’s an ideal jacket for spring and fall.

What We Don't Love: The sleeves are quite short, so it may be awkward to fit long-sleeved sweaters underneath.

A lightweight option should sit loosely around your upper body and allow enough airflow to keep you cool. An option like the Rag & Bone faux shearling jacket, featuring a short hem, boxy cut, and contrasting button closure, is meant to be thrown over your shoulders during awkward transitional weather. On colder days, you will definitely want to layer a cashmere sweater underneath. Note, however, that the sleeves are quite short, so it may be awkward trying to fit a chunky long-sleeved sweater underneath. Opt for insulated shirts (like this heat-tech long sleeve from Uniqlo) instead. Otherwise, the fluffy collar and I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-real fur material will have you winning style points wherever you go.

Price at time of publish: $275

Material: Polyester | Color: 1 | Size: XS-XL

What to Keep in Mind


Most faux fur coats are made of acrylic or polyester (or a blend of the two) because as stylist Michaela Leitz explains, “Polyester is thick and fluffy, which gives it a realistic appearance, and it also holds its shape well over time.” Texture comes first when picking a faux fur coat, so picking the water-resistant, wrinkle-resistant fabric will ensure the coat won’t pill or lose sure.  Almost all options on this list — from UGG Kiana Faux Fur Jacket to Rag & Bone Hesper Faux Shearling Jacket — use polyester in their jackets.

On the other hand, there’s acrylic, which wins for warmth, something polyester can’t compete with, and its soft and lightweight feel similar to wool. You can trust the Jakke Rita Faux Fur Coat and Stand Studio Nino Coat Check will truly keep you toasty. We know that both acrylic and polyester come with a bad rep for being environmentally harmful, but we found lots of recycled options for you to shop, like the Cos Faux Shearling Coat, if sustainability is at the top of your mind. They are plastic-based fibers, after all, and are difficult to break down.


The three main length options that you'll want to pay attention to are cropped, short, and long. Different lengths not only provide various styling options but levels of warmth as well. I have a slim coat that I turn to during colder months simply for the added coverage around my legs that my cropped puffer jacket falls short of. Cropped jackets, like the Abercrombie Cropped Faux Fur Jacket, suit high-waisted pants, short dresses, and cropped tops but may not be the warmest option. Short jackets like the Jakke Rita Faux Fur Coat and the Blank NYC Faux Fur Jacket can be worn more casually with sweaters and jeans. Long coats offer a little more versatility as just about anything can be hidden underneath their embrace. The H&M Fluffy Coat and the Mango Faux Fur Coat allow you to wear long cardigans, long dresses, and anything that goes past your hips underneath, all while giving your thighs some extra warmth.

Your Questions, Answered

How would you style a faux fur coat?

If you are going for a casual, everyday look, sustainable fashion stylist Alyssa Beltempo recommends the following: “Since the texture of faux fur creates a strong visual element in any outfit, I would keep the rest of the look minimal and clean.” Opting for straight jeans, turtlenecks, and sleek boots will allow the jacket to stand out, she continues. However, if you are here for the glamor, follow Leitz’s advice and pair it with “a stunning evening or cocktail dress, shiny golden or silver high heels, and a beautiful evening makeup.”

How do you clean and maintain faux fur?

Faux fur can be very complicated to wash, as the texture can easily get damaged if done incorrectly. Almost all of the above options, with the exception of the Cos Faux Shearling Coat, require professional dry cleaning or spot cleaning. Luckily, most jackets don’t need to be washed too often, so unless there are some clear stains, we recommend not washing faux fur. Leitz suggests not to over-wear your coat and to “store in a cool, dry place.” It’s also important to avoid dryers altogether as “the heat might ruin your coat,” she continues. Bleaching detergents are too aggressive for the faux coat materials, so stick to some cold water and a toothbrush to spot clean as that can be quite effective. If you hope to maintain the quality of your faux fur jacket for years to come, “wash as little as possible and store it in a cloth garment bag or container,” Beltempo recommends.

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