Bella Hadid Carried This Bulgari Bag Around Europe For a Month

Bella Hadid Bulgari
Photo: Marc Piasecki

There’s nothing worse than coming home from three weeks of fashion shows in Europe than feeling like you’ve seen absolutely nothing but fashion shows. London, Milan, and Paris have so much more to offer than catwalks, but the schedule of shows is such a grind that it takes a lot of planning in order to fit in more than a slice of pizza. And so, I often grill designers and models about their favorite places in each city to add to my little black book of insider places to eat, drink, and shop when time allows.

At the Bulgari presentation in Milan, I grabbed Bella Hadid for her secret tips on Italy, because it’s a place she and her family have frequented even before their fashion careers. “I’ve been here probably 10 times this year, and I really do like Milan, but I love Italy in general,” Hadid says. “Here my life is very much work, so I don’t go out and do much, but it’s a beautiful city and there’s pizza, of course.”

Hadid, who models fragrances, accessories, and jewelry for Bulgari, naturally offered a few kind words for her favorite handbag to use in between walking the shows, as well as the best spots for pizza and ice cream – yes, models eat junk food, too.

Favorite restaurant: Rosy e Gabriele, via Giuseppe Sirtori 26:

“They always make me a heart-shaped pizza, so I obviously love it. I usually just eat at work or hotel, but I love menus. I have an obsession with menus. I can’t have a conversation with people if there’s a menu around because I obsess around reading about food.”

Best gelato: Bianco Latte, via Filippo Turati 30:

“Since I was a kid, I have always loved gelato. After school every day I would get a scoop of raspberry sorbet and a scoop of chocolate ice cream in a plain cone. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten anything different. It’s been that exact combination since I was 6. And I never change it up. Here I always try to find the best one, but I have to say I think Rome has the best ice cream.”

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Spa retreats: Bulgari Hotel, via Privata Fratelli Gabba 7b:

“I don’t have a lot of time, but Bulgari often treats me a lot when I’m away. Like, "here’s 10 interviews" and then you get a spa day at the Bulgari Hotel.”

Best bag for getting around town:

Bella Hadid Bulgari
Marc Piasecki

“Of course, the Serpenti bag because I’ve worked so much with it. I always saw the smaller Serpenti, and the cute baby ones, but there’s a new day bag that is much bigger and it actually matches my outfit perfectly so I’m going to steal it later today. Usually, my purse has so many things in it because I never know what I’m going to be doing during the day or where I’m going to be, so I always keep a lot of hair and makeup stuff in my bag. This is perfect because it’s big enough to fit everything and still looks cute.”

Best thing about Milan Fashion Week:

“The fashion in Milan is so much fun. Each city has its own style, and Milan is very chic – a lot of suits and majorness. Prada the other day was so great. And every show I walked in this season has been spectacular. I’m inspired by all of the designers who put in so much effort to make the shows incredible.”

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