Luxeleisure Is the Opposite of Being "That Girl" — and That's Exactly Why We Love It

Here's how this nail this comfort-meets-sleek aesthetic, according to stylists.

Admiral William H. McRaven once said that if you want to change the world, start off by making your bed. I'd argue that getting dressed for the day could be equally as impactful.

Athleisure may have reigned supreme over the past few years, but not everyone feels their best (nor their most productive) in head-to-toe sweats. While it's awesome that workplaces are becoming laxer in terms of dress code (because not everyone feels their best or most productive in heels and *real* pants, either), there exists a happy medium between loungewear and traditional office attire: luxeleisure.

The term might sound paradoxical, but for anyone who finds the"that girl" aesthetic and persona unattainable and wildly unsustainable (because, TBH, it is), luxeleisure is the answer. Consider it a play off of the night luxe trend, which i-D dubbed the "antithesis" of the "that girl" trend. It's the idea that dressing for work can be fun, stylish, and comfortable by combining your favorite athleisure and loungewear with the more traditional pieces associated with dressing for the office.

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Luxeleisure is for the person who isn't doing the most, but, rather, is doing their best. Their clothes are comforting, but in a way that also boosts their self-esteem. Think a blazer over joggers with a sleek heel and messy topknot, or a two-piece suit paired with cross-trainers. It encompasses the type of outfits that, when you put them on, you feel prepared to tackle your to-do list and feel confident in your ability to do so with grace.

So what does a luxeleisure wardrobe entail, you ask? Celebrity stylist, Micaela Erlanger summed it up best when she described a luxeleisure closet as filled with "pieces that aren't fussy but are still really elegant, elevated and comfortable." She told InStyle over email, "[It's] not compromising or sacrificing style for comfort."

Below, we've rounded up some of the best stylist tips for mastering luxeleisure, so you can look and feel lax, ASAP.

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Incorporate Menswear Into Your Wardrobe

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Erlanger tells InStyle she loves this concept, specifically in regards to oversized shirtings, because the look is so versatile. "You can wear a menswear-inspired top a few ways — layered over a tank, over a tee, or over a swimsuit; tied at the waist or tucked in or even worn as-is, as a proper shirt over a skinny jean or a skinny trouser," Erlanger says. Her preference is to pair an oversized shirt (her favorites are the MagicLinen Hana or Sanibel styles) with bike shorts, cute sandals or tennis shoes. "A full little linen moment with a matching pair of drawstring shorts or pants [is also an option]."

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Comfortable Bottoms Are Key


According to MiKADO personal style advisor, Jordan Stolch, waist bands and pull-on styles are key to luxeleisure, as "comfort is paramount in perfecting this wardrobe." So, rather than stiff pairs of denim or anything tight with a zipper or button detail, opt for a pair of trousers or a sleek pair of joggers. But if you're gravitating towards the latter, make sure they aren't a super roomy fit.

"The goal is to contrast the casual nature of the pants with dressier elements," Stolch sasys on the subject of sweats. "Choose styles that are more fitted than baggy, and swap out conventionally fleece fabrics for something more luxe. Pair them with a statement coat — think trench, moto or blazer — and finish off the look with a cool pair of heels or booties."

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Mix and Match Materials

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One of the main pillars of the luxeleisure aesthetic is to incorporate a mix of luxe and, well, leisurely fabrics into your ensemble. For example, Stolch explains that more deluxe fabrications like silk and satin should be paired with fabrics like leather or crepe to "add an element of edge and interest to conventionally classic styles."

Conversely, basic T-shirts (whether made of cotton or something a little more luxe like jersey blends and merino wools) can be used as supporting players to statement pieces. "Style them tucked into wide-leg colored pants or layered under oversized blazers and cami dresses," Stolch says. "Since the luxe look focuses heavily on simplicity, tees help strike the balance without overshadowing an outfit."

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Layer Up

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Stolch tells InStyle the coolness of the luxeleisure aesthetic is showcased through the rule of 3: bottom + top + layer. Simple math, right? "Everything is brought to life through the effortless demonstration of layering," the stylist says, so consider the look a lax variation of a three-piece suit and get creative with how you mix and match.

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Reconsider Color Blocking

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Style therapist Christina Stein isn't anti-color blocking in general, but under the umbrella of luxeleisure dressing, Stein suggests leaning into a monochromatic color palette. "Color is going to play a huge factor in how this look can be played out, and an outfit comprised of monochromatic basics will seem more expensive and less disheveled [compared to colorblocking]," she tells InStyle.

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Anything One and Done Is a Win

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Especially if the garment has a built-in bra. Dresses, jumpsuits, and rompers all come to mind when we think one-and-done ensemble, though Stein says tennis/skort dresses, specifically, are another way to nail the luxeleisure look.

"It kind of plays into that preppy vibe. Which translates to me luxeleisure," the stylist says. Plus, she adds, "the built-in bra and comfy shorts can still make you feel comfortable, sexy, and effortless." Just throw on a blazer or denim jacket (preferrably in the same tone as the dress), slip on your favorite sneakers, and you're golden.

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