Spice Up Your Style With These 11 Animal Print Outfit Ideas

Those bold designs are more versatile than you think.

If 2022 has renewed your urge to get up and get dressed each morning, whether you're still working from home or are back in the office, it's time to break out of your comfort zone and put together some animal print outfits. Previously, this bold fashion choice revolved around a bunch of loud zebra and leopard prints that weren't realistic for everyday wear, and felt especially intimidating for those who prefer neutrals. But it's actually come a long way over the last decade, and these days, the once chaotic design has a some order to it.

Think of this trend as the happy medium — that little bit of spice needed to enhance your wardrobe, whether through the tiniest of accessories or a full head-to-toe look. Sure, you can always incorporate vibrant colors when wearing an animal print outfit, but if you still want to play it safe, there are subtle, neutral alternatives, too.

Whether you're feeling causal or are in need of a back-to-business look, we've rounded up 11 animal print outfit ideas try, ASAP, ahead.

Stick With the Basics

Animal Print
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Sometimes, the best outfits come from sticking with simple items in your closet. Pair a basic animal print turtleneck with a tank dress to create a cool layered look, or give your graphic tee a fashion-forward twist by styling it with a snakeskin skirt.

Add a Coat

Animal Print Outfits
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If you aren't ready to fully embrace animal prints with shirts, pants, or dresses, start slow. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in, then throw on a classic, somewhat neutral, animal print coat, like a leopard option, to tie in the trend. It'll come across as glam, rather than loud.

Grab a Suit

Animal Print Outfits
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Suits can make animal prints look monotonous, so break up the print by wearing a solid shirt underneath your jacket. Feeling daring? Go with another pattern instead for a quirky twist.

Play With Textures

Animal Print Outfits
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Animal prints are fun and flirty, so make sure your completed ensemble matches that same energy. Instead of layering your prints with basic closet essentials, go for items with texture, like wearing your knit animal print sweater with a sequin skirt, or a leopard dress with a leather blazer.

Keep it Casual

Animal Print Outfits
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Is there anything better than an animal print piece you can dress up or down? We'd argue that the answer is no. Invest in an oversized sweater, then pair it with boyfriend jeans and you're essentially ready to go.

Embrace Longer Silhouettes

Animal Print Outfits
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We love our Y2K minis, but a longer length print dress worn with heels or boots can add a touch of mystery and elegance to your outfit. Plus, it's an easy day-to-night look.

Switch Up Shades

Animal Print Outfits
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If you're hoping to wear a colorful animal print item, as opposed to one that's beige or black, an easy trick is to coordinate. Style it with something that's similar in shade or from a complementary color family, and voilà — you're ready to turn heads (in a good way).

Style From the Bottom Up

Animal Print Outfits
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If you get stumped trying to incorporate the trend into your everyday outfit, start from the bottom up. Once you've selected your animal print pants or skirt, you can easily build from there, adding solid clothing to balance things out, or other patterns to create something extra statement-making.

Use Neutrals As a Base

Animal Print Outfits
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If your goal is to keep things on the tame side and stick with neutrals, make sure the print you choose aligns with your color palette. Play with black and white, then pile on accessories for added interest.

Tie in a Blazer

Animal Print Outfits
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If you don't have the energy to put together an elaborate OOTD, a blazer will come in handy, providing that extra pop while pulling your outfit together. Plenty of blazers feature animal print designs, so finding a sharp one to add to your rotation won't be hard.

Versatility Matters

Animal Print Outfits

A good rule of thumb? Search for animal print pieces that you can continue to recycle and rewear with most of your wardrobe. Find something that's more unique than simple, this way it will amp up whatever you pair it with — even your everyday sweats.

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