By Alexis Bennett
Updated Jun 12, 2018 @ 2:45 pm
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Credit: Photo illustration: Dearest Creative. Photo: Courtesy.

Shopping for a swimsuit can be such a hassle. I mean, who wants to walk around fitting rooms with strangers trying on tiny bikinis? And finding one online can be just as complicated (ahem, shipping fees and return policies). But there is one aspect of the internet that has made finding the perfect swimsuit so much easier: the review section. Shoppers aren't holding back—divulging on the good, the bad, and ugly. And Amazon users seem to be particularly vocal about their purchases.

For instance, there's one swimsuit that's got everyone talking. Warning, it's not for the shy. The Esonlar two-piece number has a tie-knot top and the bottom is actually a thong silhouette. Not the extremely thin cut that leaves every inch of your bottom exposed, but a wider strip of fabric that's sexy and covers just the right areas.

And you can tell from reading all of the positive reviews (and scrolling through the customer pics) that it actually looks good on women with a variety of different body shapes. "Honestly I was really hesitant about this suit being a big girl with a big chest and a belly as well," said one purchaser. "But I couldn’t resist the price, so I ordered anyway. I’m about 240 lbs and a 40f bra size, so I knew it was a big risk. I ordered the biggest size XL, and I was super surprised when it arrived. It looked kinda small, but when I put it on, it stretched over me pretty well, and the fabric was tight enough on me that it seemed to hold everything together pretty nicely."

While another fan wrote, "Really hard to pick swimsuits for my type of body—large bottom, small top. I ordered a size XL and it fits perfect, presses down the rolls, shapes the body."

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In other great news: the popular style also comes with an amazing price tag. Depending on the color and size you choose, the swimsuit could cost you as little as $5 and at the most $60. But most styles are around 20 bucks. That's less than that fancy new body bronzer you were thinking about trying out.