I stole it from my brother and he’s never getting it back.
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Hanes Sweatshirt
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Growing up, I stole a lot of things from my brother — his LEGO bricks, his chocolate bars, his Nintendo Game Boy and, occasionally, his raffle tickets that he’d win at the arcade. (Oops!) It was all in good faith, and my brother never minded. However, what I knew I could never touch and were completely off-limits were his clothes.

My brother has fantastic style: He owned bomber jackets before every street-style star wore them, kept the black leather jacket that my father loved in the ‘80s, and had the softest t-shirts that somehow only grew softer as time went on. It had been agonizing for me to stay away from his closet, so I knew that when I finally had the chance to take something, it had to be something good. I just never expected it to be this $12 Hanes sweatshirt.

The choice was a surprising one considering how many things I’ve wanted to nick over the years. My brother’s broad shoulders and long limbs meant that his Alpha Industries jacket was perfect for my love of oversized looks, and his Nike jogger pants have always somehow fit me better than my own.

Yet the moment I picked up the Hanes sweatshirt from the top of his folded pile of laundry, I knew there was nothing that I wanted to steal more from him. I had been on the hunt for a lightweight sweatshirt that was thin without compromising on warmth, and this sweatshirt’s cozy inner-lined fleece made from recycled plastic meant that I could wear it on chilly fall days without having to put on another t-shirt underneath just to stay warm.

Plus, I’ve always had the tendency to pull my sleeves over my fingers whenever I wear sweaters and knits in chilly weather since I can never remember to wear gloves, so the long sleeves of this sweatshirt were perfect for me. As to be expected, considering how comfortable this sweatshirt is, my brother noticed it was gone and knew I was the culprit. He demanded that I buy him one in return and, fortunately for me, this sweatshirt cost less than a salad in New York City.

Ever since I stole it from him, this sweatshirt has been my go-to whenever I need to throw something on quickly to run an errand, or whenever I’m just lounging at home with a cup of tea. I can say honestly without any regret that I made the correct decision in choosing this sweatshirt to be the one thing I could ever steal from my brother’s closet. I’m already buying myself a second one, and with 23 colors to choose from, the only question is: Which one?

Hanes Men's Pullover EcoSmart Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt
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