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Credit: chrissyteigen/Instagram

Just when you thought that online shopping couldn't get any easier, Amazon steps in and provides a way for us to effortlessly get Calvin Klein undies delivered to our front door.

Remember the Dash Button that launched about two years ago? We thought it was an April Fools' Day joke when the brand announced that you can automatically have things like toilet paper and laundry detergent shipped to your house by literally pressing a button. But it turns out that the device, which saves your payment and shipping info, was indeed real, and it actually comes in handy for those moments you just don't feel like pulling out your cell phone or laptop.

Today, the mega-retailer debuted 40 new Amazon Dash Buttons and Calvin Klein is the first-available fashion option. You can keep the device in your underwear drawer, and when you're low on stock simply tap the button and your pre-selected order will be fulfilled.

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The initial cost of the button is $5 for Amazon Prime Members but that amount is also credited toward your first order. So it's essentially free.