The Low-Rise Jean Comeback Is Inevitable, and TikTok’s Addison Rae Is to Blame

However, American Eagle's new campaign star does have a few tips on how to style them.

The Low-Rise Jean Comeback Is Inevitable, and TikTok’s Addison Rae Is to Blame
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The phrase ‘TikTok star’ may have sounded a bit strange at the beginning of 2020, but in the midst of a pandemic, the app proved to be both a welcome distraction and a source of information. From dances, to personal stories, to must-try fashion tricks, it’s easy to fall down that rabbit hole of scrolling for hours — and during that time, you’ll likely come across a clip of Addison Rae.

The 19-year-old — who has over 52 million TikTok followers — is one of the people know right now. On top of making viral videos, she's launching a podcast and a new makeup line, so it only makes sense that American Eagle would tap her for its Back to School campaign, which was shot remotely at her home via Zoom. The video and ads also feature various talented dancers, who show off their skills along with the clothes.

“It was just really fun being able to use our creative side and do something different than what we're used to doing,” she said of the experience. “I got to really bring my vision to life while promoting something that I love.”

And, it is true that Addison loves American Eagle. While talking to InStyle, she revealed that she and her mom, Sheri, own multiple pairs of jeans from the brand.

“They've always had such a good fit, and are super comfortable while still being really cute,” she tells us before offering her shopping tips. “When I look for jeans, I look for something that I can move in and feel comfortable wearing and also ones that are good on the butt.

Still, for those of us are dreading the comeback of low-rise styles, Addison has some bad news: she's is rooting for their return.

“I love a low-rise moment, and everyone is going to realize that low-rise jeans are superior in the near future,” she admits. "Very soon, it's totally going to be a trend to just fully bring back the early 2000s. Luckily, my mom has kept plenty of clothes from that time and I can just steal that from her.”

Time will tell if this questionable denim style will take off (especially with those who already wore them the first time around), but if it does, Addison won't leave us unprepared. Ahead, she shares her tips for how to style low-rise jeans, along with other wardrobe staples like leggings and T-shirts.

Addison Rae American Eagle Campaign

Addison’s Tip For Styling Low Rise Jeans

"I like to style a pair of low-rise jeans with a tank, like a crop tank."

How She Would Amp Up a Basic T-Shirt

"I would probably pair it with ripped jeans and then accessories. Accessories are key for plain tees."

Her Trick For Making Sweatshirts Look Cute

"I normally would wear a sweatshirt over a crop top, then take it off and tie it over my shoulders."

How to Make Leggings Feel Fancy

"I feel like there are a lot of things you can do with leggings. I think a good dress-up look that's super easy is to [pair them with] strappy thin heels and an oversize T-shirt."

The Fall Trend She's Looking Forward To

"Layering is always really cute and fun. I'll definitely try out blazers, and maybe the turtlenecks with a T-shirt over it."

The Celebrity Whose Style She Admires

"I love Cher. Cher is one of my biggest style inspirations. She's always been super cool, and different, and tried new things before anyone did. I love that."

On Sharing Clothes With Her Mom

"My mom and I both share every piece of clothing. Pretty much everything in general that I own, I share with my mom. So, you can definitely catch her in the American Eagle Dream Jeans at all moments because she's stealing them from me if it's in my closet."

On Whether It's Too Late to Learn TikTok

"No, absolutely not. I don't think it's ever too late for anything in life. I think there's always time to try new things and explore different realms of your interests."

Her Number One Tip For Beginners

"Just be yourself and try to bring things to the platform that you haven't seen before, so that it's something new to look at."

About Her New Podcast, Mama Knows Best

"My new podcast is with my mom, and we talk about anything from dating, to social media, to how I came onto this earth. We just have fun topics about everything that teenagers are wondering and needing advice on."

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