Acne Studios Just Launched a Collector's Item Capsule for All You Mad Fashion Fans

Acne Studios Prototype - LEAD
Photo: Courtesy of Acne Studios

Fashion die-hards, here’s your chance to shine. And by shine, we mean get your hands on exclusive, one-of-a-kind, collector’s item pieces from a major fashion label. What major fashion label are we talking about? Well, gird your loins, because we’re talking about Acne Studios.

The Stockholm-based brand is launching their Showpiece Prototype capsule in line with the start of New York Fashion Week. The capsule is a collection of 100 bespoke and handmade pieces from their fall/winter 2017 show and is freshly available at the Madison Avenue flagship location.

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Not in New York? Don’t fret—London, Milan, and Paris will see the capsule launch at the beginning of each city’s fashion week.

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