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Updated Sep 06, 2016 @ 12:45 pm
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When you're Claudia Schiffer, a supermodel who's reached icon-status level of fame, who holds one of the most recognizable names and faces in the world, and who's been exposed to the kind of fashion that exists only in our dreams, it's pretty much expected of you to funnel that experience, that level of good taste into something profitable. And that's exactly what she did when she set out to launch her first standalone fashion collection—a 40-piece luxe cashmere knitwear range, exclusively sold at

Of course, this wouldn't be her first venture into design (or knitwear, for that matter)—the blonde beauty has partnered with cashmere brand TSE to launch a couple of collections in the past. But unlike anything that she's ever done, this Claudia Schiffer Knitwear line boasts meticulous attention to detail, making it stand apart from standard-issue sweaters on the market. Balloon sleeves offer a new and (refreshingly) unexpected silhouette, tiny perforations along the bodice and lace-up necklines hint at sex appeal, and incredible multicolor jacquards and fair isle prints sweep across finely spun cashmere.

“My signature style is based around lots of separates like jeans, shirts layered under cashmere sweaters, and lots of fun accessories. I need outfits that work from the school run to meetings,” she told InStyle last October.

And now that it's more or less fall, there's no better time like the present to get into the sweater mindset. Shop the Claudia Schiffer Knitwear (priced between $449 and $679), which launches today, at

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