Cindy Crawford on Denim, Social Media, and Taking the Perfect Beach Selfie

Cindy Crawford - Redone
Photo: Sebastian Faena

RE/DONE is my one of my favorite denim brands. Reason one: they’re incredibly comfortable. Reason two: they make my ass look decent. Reason three: They’re Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber approved.

So when I learned that the brand, which previously has collaborated with the likes of Levi’s, Hanes, and Champion, was partnering with the model on a capsule collection, I got my credit card ready, only to be told that I’d have to wait. Until the model herself broke the collection on Instagram.

This morning, Crawford broke the news of her collection on Instagram, an unexpected move for a model that came up before the term "digital native" existed. The collection, which includes a jean, a tee, and a sweatshirt, will be available today in a VERY limited edition of 20 pieces, until it’s wider launch later in September.

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And you heard it hear first: You’re going to want one of everything. We hopped on the phone with Cindy talk about the campaign and learn the biggest difference between denim in the '90s and denim today.

Before I ask you about the actual collection, I need to ask you about the campaign photos. Because so many people are taking beach selfies for the last few weeks of summer and are going to want to know, how do you take the perfect beach photo?

Bring [campaign photographer] Sebastian [Faena] with you! On a photo shoot, we don’t take three quick clicks. We take 100 and hope there are five good ones. Or the one good one! So shoot a lot. Don’t be afraid. Sometimes what you think will be a good angle will not, and sometimes what you think will be a bad angle works. Try different lights, try different poses, and keep your fingers crossed.

Tell us a little bit about getting involved with RE/DONE.

RE/DONE is a very hip company and because they’re still relatively small they’re very nimble. They make decisions fast. It’s not corporate at all. For me, this was such a fun project because it was totally for the fun of it. I thought, “My daughter is obsessed with RE/DONE. So if I do something RE/DONE she’ll think I’m cool.”

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Sebastian Faena

Your family, cumulatively, has over 5 million Instagram followers. How has modeling changed since the '90s as a result of social media?

We didn’t’ have anything [when I started modeling]. There was no “model-off-duty.” There was no “behind-the-scenes.” You went and you showed a photographer your portfolio and hopefully you got booked. Then, you did the job and waited three months for it to come out. There wasn’t this daily exposure. And I think there are pros and cons to it.

It’s an opportunity for both young and established models, and me, really, to be your own PR person. You can project the image that you want to share. That might be a goofy side. It might be a philanthropic side. But it’s also pressure. We didn’t worry about what outfits we wore to the show. We didn’t have stylists. Now, the social media part is as important as the job itself. I think that, in a way, these kids are so much more sophisticated and quicker.

Ok so the industry has changed tenfold. How has denim changed since the '90s?

My daughter doesn’t have to wear Floods! I remember in high school hating my long legs because my jeans were always too short. Now, there isn’t one style that’s in. You can wear skinny one day and a boyfriend cut the day after. There’s so much more variety. In high school I only had three pairs of pants. I had Levis, Painter’s pants, and striped bib overalls, and I just rotated those. Now you can have 10 pairs of jeans and they’re all completely different.

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Sebastian Faena

With so many options, what are some ways to not get overwhelmed when you’re shopping for jeans?

Don’t follow trends. Follow what you feel good in. As women, we should trust our instincts. I mean, for Kaia, I’m like, “Just try everything because you don’t even know what your style is!" Just have fun. It’s the perfect age to experiment.

The Crawford collection will be available at Barneys New York, Colette, Ron Herman Japan and

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