I Tried the Famous Lipstick Amal Clooney Wears, and It Definitely Makes My Lips Look Fuller

It’s so popular, one tube sells every two minutes. 

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Amal Clooney Pillowtalk Lipstick
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Sometimes, I look at my boyfriend after I've just woken up and feel annoyed at him. Not because he starts work nearly two hours later than I do and gets to sleep in, but because he has very long eyelashes and considerably full lips. And for what? I have to spend several minutes in the mirror to get my lashes to his length, and I have an unfortunately tiny mouth (my orthodontist's words, not mine) and tiny lips (my words). It just doesn't seem fair.

He's also a nice guy who doesn't understand why my lips make me so insecure. Even though he insists that he loves them, which I appreciate, I've always been looking for a lip product that would make them look a little bigger. I finally decided to try out Charlotte Tilbury's famous Pillow Talk lipstick and liner after endlessly hearing about how iconic it is.

You've likely heard of the Pillow Talk lip liner, or the actual lipstick, which has thousands of five-star reviews. And if you haven't heard about it, you've definitely seen it on the lips of celebrities like Amal Clooney and Penelope Cruz on the red carpet. Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk is so popular that not only does it sell out frequently at many retailers, but one tube is also sold every two minutes. The lipstick and lip liner are also considered the number one luxury lipstick and lip liner in the entire United States, according to the brand. When they were released back in 2018, they sold out twice worldwide. Thankfully, the products are in stock now.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk

Shop now: $34; sephora.com

After hearing my beauty editor friends talk about the lipstick nonstop for years, I figured I should probably give it a try — and now I completely understand why they wax poetic. For one, the color is the most incredible light pink I've ever come across. It's natural-looking, the perfect complement to the glowy makeup look that seems to be everywhere at the moment. Not to mention, Charlotte Tilbury recently expanded its offerings with deeper and sweeter undertones to flatter more skin tones.

Essentially, it's a lipstick that you can wear when you aren't doing much (which is every day these days) to instantly make you feel more put together. I've been wearing it on every date night and it makes me feel as confident as my go-to fiery red.

Plus, this lipstick has a secret feature not enough people are talking about. Not only is the formula truly long-lasting and buildable (I can apply as many layers as I please without it looking ridiculous), but it features a 3D glow pigment that makes your lips look fuller, wider, and yes, bigger. I thought the lipstick was witchcraft until I realized it was just built to do exactly that — that's how incredible my lips looked. I would still go as far to say it's magical, though.

Am I still jealous that my boyfriend doesn't have a skincare routine or makeup routine and wakes up at 10:30 a.m. with flawless full lips? Duh. But I'd be lying if I said the thought of putting on my Pillow Talk lipstick doesn't make my day. I haven't felt insecure about my lips since.

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