This trend will go on and on.

Celine Dion Titanic Necklace
Credit: NurPhoto/Getty Images

Celine Dion's list of accomplishments might be a mile long, but a highlight of her career was definitely singing the theme song for Titanic. Thankfully, it seems the star is still just as fond of "My Heart Will Go On" as we are. Not only was she previously spotted rocking a Titanic hoodie, she recently stepped out at Paris's Haute Couture Fashion Week wearing a blue Heart of the Ocean diamond necklace.

Celine Dion Titanic Necklace

The accessory — which was worn by Rose Dewitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) in the film and, later, ended up in the ocean — actually popped up on the Vetements runway, as part of the Men's Spring 2020 collection. It seems as if Dion and her stylists couldn't help but snag it. The necklace was the perfect addition to her outfit, which included an oversize, slit-sleeved blazer and an "I Heart Paris Hilton" tee (LOL) from the same brand.

While we're unsure if Dion's current necklace include actual diamonds or not, this isn't the first time she's worn a replica of the movie's famous necklace. She also showed up to 1998's Academy Awards in a similar design.

Celine Dion Titanic Necklace
Credit: Kevin Mazur Archive 1/WireImage