The two singers definitely have similar taste in clothing.

Celine Dion Collar
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When it comes to figuring out the latest trends or how to style tricky items, we often look to celebrities for inspiration. It's how we discovered the sexy new way to wear a cardigan and why we're currently debating bringing back footless tights. So, when Celine Dion stepped out in a full Marc Jacobs Spring 2020 look, complete with a white, scalloped-collared shirt, we considered recreating the outfit for ourselves — and suddenly remembered we'd actually spotted something similar before.

Harry Styles also happens to be fan of the white scalloped collar, styling one with his suit at the 2020 BRIT Awards. We're not saying Dion copied Styles (she actually wore the same exact pairing we saw on the Marc Jacobs runway, down to that crafty necklace). We're just saying these two basically have the same taste when it comes to current trends.

Harry Styles Collar
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It's also worth noting that Styles is a fan of Marc Jacobs as well. He wore a sweater from the brand — along with his signature pearls! — during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show back in December.

Now that we know these two are on the same page when it comes to clothing, we vote that they take shopping trip together (and film it!) or go for a full-on twinning moment. Seriously — how iconic would that be?!