Get your Tide stick ready.

By Jayla Andrulonis
Updated Apr 16, 2020 @ 4:15 pm
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Credit: Instagram/@emrata

The first weekend of May is right around the corner but instead of swooning over the dramatic looks of celebs making their way up the steps of the Met, we’ll be watching them dance on TikTok while staying indoors just like us. Who knew? But given Emily Ratajowski and Bella Hadid's recent choice to wear white sweats, we’re still getting a dose of the risky fashion choices we’ve been craving.

The risk factor lies not only in the fact that they’re blatantly rejecting the old fashion rule of thou shall not wear white after Labor Day. Given the current state of, well, everything, any relics of traditional style regulations have been thrown out the window. There is a much bolder move at play here and it’s one we’re fully invested in.

Before sweatpants transcended the confines of athleisure wear, say, about a month ago, opting for a pair of white sweatpants would be enough to evoke an impressed head-nod from a passerby. One that suggests, “Now that is a person who is not afraid to take risks!” Now, as leisurewear is suitable for all 24 hours of the day, that risk level is inherently higher. Each snack while working from home or sip of coffee while sitting on the couch presents another chance to tempt fate with a stain. Looking down at the end of the day to pants not covered in the Dorito-dust equivalent of an ink blot test would be a success in and of itself. But not for Bella and EmRata.

Emily Ratajowski has been spotted in white sweatpants while walking her dog in NYC before, but her most recent debut of a monochromatic pairing showed she’s in full support of the risky trend while staying home. Bella made her case for bright white sweats in a TikTok she shared also to Instagram on her ninth day of social distancing.

While most of us have already been converted to the monochromatic sweatsuit trend, the thought of wearing white sweatpants offers an exciting new frontier. Hadid and Ratajowski walked so we could run — and hopefully not spill any red wine on ourselves in the process. Keep scrolling to shop the risky celeb-approved sweatpants trend for yourself.

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