Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Dakota Johnson have all worn them while filming.

By Samantha Sutton
Updated May 01, 2020 @ 6:00 pm
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It's always fascinating to learn what goes on behind the scenes of our favorite TV shows and movies. Which two stars dated in real life? What was the cause of all that drama? Did someone's random water bottle or a Starbucks cup end up in a scene accidentally? As fans, we crave this information. So, when we realized that a ton of major celebrities had been wearing the same shoes while filming, we knew we had to share.

In between takes — and sometimes, when filming from certain angles — many actresses enjoy ditching their uncomfy heels for Ugg boots or other shearling options. It makes sense when you think about: These shoes are practically a slipper you can wear almost anywhere, and they definitely come in handy when filming outside in chilly weather. We've notice them pop up from time to time, mostly in sneaky paparazzi shots, but we didn't realize just how common they were on set — until we did some digging.

As it turns out, the ladies of Gossip Girl, Katy Keane, Ocean's 8, and more all secretly wore Uggs, meaning that celebrities are big fans of this comfy shoe, and it's definitely worth investing in (another) pair.

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It's highly possible that Jennifer Lopez is the queen of Ugg boots, since she wears them all the time while working. The Bailey Button II Boot ($170; popped up on the set of Hustlers, and, more recently, she wore the Genuine Shearling Slipper ($120, while filming Marry Me.

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Sure, Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen ran around New York City in stilettos, but when the cameras weren't looking, Leighton Meester and Blake Lively seemed to prefer cozier options.

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Katy Keene's pink, sparkly costumes are what fashion dreams are made of, however we don't blame Lucy Hale for wanting to give her feet a break in between takes.

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By now, you've probably realized that Ugg boots are (secretly) a teen show staple. Even AnnaSophia Robb wore the Classic II Genuine Shearling Lined Short Boot ($160; on the set of The Carrie Diaries.

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Plus, speaking of Carrie, did you know that Sarah Jessica Parker brought some beige shearling boots to Paris while filming Sex and the City in 2004?

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We don't remember Nicole Kidman's character wearing Uggs in The Goldfinch, and yet, there they are.

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Jennifer Hudson's Respect, in which she plays Aretha Franklin, doesn't come out until the end of the year, but we're going out on a limb and saying that these black boots won't be making an appearance onscreen.


Uggs are pretty much the opposite of what Midge wears on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel — the woman is constantly dressed up and in heels, even on vacation. Yet, Rachel Brosnahan seems to be the proud owner of a short chestnut pair.

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Dakota Johnson may be someone who wears jeans in quarantine, but on the set of How To Be Single, she walked around in fuzzy slippers.

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It's very possible that Ugg boots made it easier for Kristen Wiig to balance this tray of coffee on The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty.

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Considering Tiffany Haddish wore Uggs to the Oscars, we're not too surprised to see her rehearsing for her movie Here Today in a comfy black option.

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You know who else loves black Uggs? Anne Hathaway. The acress wore them on the set of Ocean's 8.

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In fact, Uggs were a pretty big hit with the Ocean's 8 cast. Sarah Paulson was spotted wearing a pair on set, and even brought her boots to Philadelphia while filming the movie Glass.

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Maybe it wasn't warmest of days for filming Quantico outside, but hopefully Priyanka Chopra's smart shoe choice made things easier.

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In 2017, Younger's Hilary Duff reminded us that the best thing about owning a taller pair of Ugg boots is being able to fold them down and switch up your look.

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Clearly, Emily VanCamp knew that when it came to Revenge, comfortable footwear was important.