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These Forgotten $45 Sneakers From the '90s Are Making a Major Comeback in Hollywood

Everyone is wearing them.
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Right now, everyone is wearing sneakers. While that's not necessarily shocking, it is a stark contrast from the Ugg boots that seemed to be everywhere just a couple weeks ago. Spring is finally here, and while some celebrities are starting to wear pumps, most of them are opting for a simple sneaker to get around. Which is some good news considering we may have some time to kill before wedge sandals really become a thing again

And while Jennifer Garner wearing Vejas or Gigi Hadid wearing Reeboks isn't necessarily shocking, Emily Ratajkowski wearing Keds definitely is. If you're thinking "Wow, I haven't heard the name Keds in a while," you are absolutely right.

Keds have been popular since the '80s, particularly after Jennifer Grey wore a pair in the film Dirty Dancing. They experienced their biggest wave in the '90s, often seen as a go-to comfort shoe that cost under $50. But eventually they fell out of favor, mostly because sneakers quickly became seen as a trendy item and not just a wardrobe staple. Suddenly there were hundreds of brands and styles to choose from. 

But Emily Ratajkowski, who is always on-trend, was just spotted out in New York in a pair of Keds, an Aya Muse knit top, a Prada Cleo bag, low-rise trousers, and an Evolvetogether mask. If it wasn't for the mask, the look could easily have been pulled from an early-2000s VMAs or Teen Choice Award red carpet. It feels very Y2K and like something you'd dream of wearing in middle school. And since it is nice to imagine any era that isn't now, maybe the Keds resurgence is right on time. 

On top of being nostalgic, Keds are also an incredibly innocuous sneaker. They're not controversial like chunky sneakers and they're not unexpected like blue Vejas. They're also super affordable, with more than a handful of pairs under $50 on Amazon right now. Keds are made of canvas, which makes blisters nearly impossible. And unlike most white sneakers that you have to panic about getting dirty, Keds are easy to wash and affordable to replace when the time comes. 

Nobody really saw Keds making a comeback, but we're honestly here for anything overthrowing the Golden Goose reign in Hollywood. Plus, wearing a pair of Keds is the easiest way to look a couple years younger, too. So while these sneakers may not have been the most obvious trend, maybe they're the only one we really need right now. 

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