I Tried Casper's New Blanket-Robe Hybrid, and It Basically Replaced My Bedding

Snoozewear is making my home life more peaceful and zen.

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Caspar Robe
Photo: Casper

Regardless of the season, I walk around my apartment ensconced in a blanket or duvet. I wrap it around myself and let the extra fabric drape over my head like a modern-day Dracula. It's messy and impractical; I'm constantly knocking things over with my clumsy mass. Despite spilling food and drinks on my bedding — which is difficult to clean — I still try to navigate my home wearing my makeshift apparel. Well, I did until bedding giant Casper created the perfect solution: the Snoozewear Blanket Robe.

Launched at the end of January, the robe is part of Casper's first foray into the sleepwear space. It's a wearable take on the brand's down alternative duvet with armholes, pockets, and a button closure. Available in three sizes, the release is basically the bedroom staple of my dreams. Because while, yes, there are thousands of robes on the market, and yes, many of them are incredibly soft, warm, and comfortable, Casper's iteration is unlike anything else that I've ever had graze my skin.

Casper Snoozewear™ Blanket Robe

Shop now: $169; casper.com

Graciously gifted to me by Capser, the new release arrived just as I began my 10-day long quarantine after contracting COVID-19. As soon as I took the robe out of the box, I put it on over my Universal Standard loungewear set and remained in that exact outfit for… at least 48 hours. During naps on my couch, I stayed bundled up and comfortable in my robe. When I moved to the bedroom, I remained in its soft and fluffy embrace. It was my closest companion when companionship was all but banned — and made me feel like I was shuffling quietly and peacefully around a zen garden.

While I originally thought of the robe as a daytime accessory for lounging, I quickly discovered it could serve a greater purpose. Although I frequently cover myself in a regular duvet at night, there have been many evenings where the Snoozewear robe has completely replaced my bedding. The cotton shell contains just the right amount of poly fill to keep me warm even on cold winter nights.

Plus, the pockets make this purchase even more practical. When I was sick, I used the large pockets to hold my phone, DayQuil, some tissues, and even a water bottle. Now I use the pockets to house my phone, T.V. remote, salve, and glasses. This wonderful garment is at once a sleeping bag, a duvet, and a robe. It also reminds me of the $295 Off Hours Homecoat, which I have pined after for years but will never be able to justify the price of.

The luscious robe has actually made me excited for the eventual return of road trips and weekends away — I know I'll comfortable anywhere as long as I'm bundled up in it. Get the Snoozewear robe in white, oatmilk, or indigo for $169 at Casper.

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