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Carrie Underwood - Lead
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I'm mindbogglingly particular about my workout leggings. I've even stopped mid-way through a run and walked home because my leggings were shifting and I had to keep pulling them up. My workout pants need to have just the right amount of stretch, they need to sit high on my waist, they have to made of breathable fabric, and they absolutely cannot fall down. You know who feels the same exact way? Carrie Underwood.

I learned this as the singer was walking me through her workout line, Calia. As she shared with me, her $70 ankle-length Calia leggings fit all of the above requirements.

"I literally live in the tights," said Underwood after I told her about my workout pet peeve. "Every single day, I am wearing them. Working out, not working out—it doesn’t matter. I’m wearing them," she told me.

Calia Leggings - Lead
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She said that the workout tights would not fall down—so I put them to the test one Saturday morning at a high-intensity, full-body cardio class where I knew I'd be doing burpees and jumping up and down. Forty-five minutes later, through more jumping jacks and aero-squats than I can count, I can vouch for the singer's claim. I didn't have to pull them up or adjust them once.

The leggings provided stretch during moves, but also stayed tight without being so tight that the fabric cut into my skin. I personally think the line runs a little big, so I'd recommend sizing down. The bonus is that while they performed for my exercise class, I also didn't mind being seen in them. I actually liked how they looked! I wore them for a few hours after my workout to run errands around my neighborhood.

Designing products that performed but were also cute is Underwood's mission with Calia, and the void of these type of products on the market is what led her to start her own brand.

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"I felt like there were a lot of great technical pieces out there—great shorts, great tops—but they weren’t pretty. It wasn’t something that I was proud to wear outside of a workout," she told me. "I don’t really look around at other people when I’m working out, but if I had to do anything after it, I felt dumpy. We wanted to create something that was pretty and technical."

With multiple prints, colors, and lengths all under $80, she's met her goal.

As for my goal? I'm also pretty happy to report I won't have to cut my morning runs short anytime soon.