You Know Carrie Bradshaw's Baby Blue Dress? Well, She Actually Needed 6 Of Them

The show's costume designer, Molly Rogers, tells InStyle the full story behind the stunning date night look.

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When watching TV, it's easy to get so entrenched in what's happening on screen that you miss subtle signs of all the hard work that went into making the magic happen. (Of course, making these hints nearly invisible are the marks of a job well done.) But there's a reason certain colors are repeated through a series, or why a specific blanket can be spotted in the background. So, when Carrie Bradshaw steps out wearing a stunning, powder blue Norma Kamali dress for a date night with a new man on And Just Like That..., you can bet there's a story behind it. And yes, it's a good one.

As costume designer Molly Rogers tells InStyle, choosing to put the character in this particular look was a bit of a no brainer.


"I love Norma Kamali," she tells InStyle over the phone. "I wore Norma Kamali in the '80s to the night clubs. And I feel like that dress kind of works for any body, because it's ruched so it's forgiving. But I have to tell you — we needed six of them."

Wait, six of the same dress?! For one woman?! Yup, it's true.

"Because she does a stunt in it," Rogers clarifies. If you haven't watched episode 7 yet, you may not want to read on at the risk of spoiling the fun. But if you just need to know more about this dress, this date, and this stunt, we get it.

James Devaney/GC Images

Those who have watched episode seven of the series know that [spoiler alert!] the stunt she's referencing is when Carrie and her date, fellow widower Peter, have a tad too much to drink and end up puking in the street. With the demands of filming and being on a time crunch, there's no easy way to clean things up quickly between takes. There needed to be plenty of backup dresses, so that's what happened.

"I was like, 'The only way we're going to have six of these is we either find six somewhere, exactly alike, or we're going to have to make something,'" Rogers tells us. "And online, there on Net-a-Porter, were six Norma Kamali dresses, so I snatched them. It was in pink, too, and I was like, 'What about the pink one?' But the pink one was not available, so I went the other way."

To be fair, finding multiples of certain items — whether it's a full outfit or a tiny accessory — is a common challenge that comes with Rogers' day job. Even in the first episode of And Just Like That, she and her team put in a ton of effort to recreate six versions of a flower that Carrie wore on her jacket, simply because it kept getting wet during Big's death scene in the shower.

"When you're a fashion person, and they tell you there's going to be a stunt, you're like, 'Oh, no,'" Rogers admits. "You start to go, 'Okay, how is this going to happen?' And you send all the shoppers out and say, 'Whatever you see that there's eight of, get it in here.'"

Despite the intense process behind the scenes, though, the results are always worth it and appreciated. Seeing Carrie strut down the street in the sleek, one-shouldered, and sort of '90s-inspired blue dress felt right in line with the character's most iconic outfit choices.

"Honestly, I think when people see her going somewhere and she's really showing her body, they just go crazy," Rogers says. "That's just so Carrie."

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