Some people seem to think so.


When Cardi B stepped out in a full floral ensemble during Paris Fashion Week, our first thought was something along the lines of "whoa." The look was bold, bright, and covered her whole body (including her face). That last part is exactly why it's causing a bit of controversy.

France has a ban against face-covering, especially with a niqab or burqa. Those who violate the ban could be punished with a fine. That means that Cardi's outfit — which received praise before backlash — could be interpreted in one of two ways: as protest or just your regular double-standard.

On Twitter, many were of the second opinion, wondering why it was perfectly fine for the rapper to cover her face and get away with it.

Of course, there were a few folks who thought Cardi's outfit was a way of calling out the ban, and highlighting islamophobia in the country.

While it's not immediately clear what Cardi meant by her look — or even if she meant anything at all — the star herself did suggest that people wouldn't understand the choice.