And it's not the first time.

By Samantha Sutton
Updated Apr 29, 2019 @ 4:00 pm

Cardi B is no stranger to shouting out her favorite fashion choices via song: at this point, lyrics about red bottoms, Balenciagas that look like socks, and that Fashion Nova fit are among her most quotable. So if one day she started rapping about her love of bathrobes, we honestly won’t be too surprised — especially considering she’s even worn one while walking through the airport.


Over the weekend, Cardi took a very cozy fashion risk, stepping out in a white, terrycloth robe while at John F. Kennedy International airport in New York. Looking at the logo embroidered on the side, there’s a good chance this piece may have come from the rapper's hotel, and clearly, it was just too good to leave behind (relatable). Cardi paired the bathleisure ensemble with the obvious choice of fuzzy loafers — AKA the most slipper-like of shoes — and instantly had us reconsidering our typical travel staples. Should we be skipping leggings altogether and going straight for something that's essentially part towel, part sweater, and part blanket? Is Cardi onto something here?

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This isn't even the first time the star has worn a robe to the airport. Last September, she was seen in a similar look, only in place of loafers, she wore slides. Single-handedly trying to make travel robes a thing won't be easy, but now that we've seen this trend in action — and have fully envisioned how comfy we'd be while napping mid-flight — Cardi has our full support.