Camila Morrone Wore an Actual Wedding Gown to the Oscars

According to her stylist, Micah Schifman, the goal was Princess Grace vibes.

Every so often, an Oscars gown comes along that makes us stop in tracks, gasping at how glamorous it looks on the person who is wearing it. This year, that honor most definitely goes to Camila Morrone. The Mickey and the Bear actress arrived at the 2020 awards show in a Carolina Herrera number, and — get this — it was actually a re-imagined wedding dress.

"We kind of always have Princess Grace in mind, being such a style icon that she is, and we wanted to go that direction," her stylist, Micah Schifman, told InStyle, prior to the star hitting the red carpet. When the two came across the Carolina Herrera gown, they knew it would be the perfect pick — with a few changes, of course. "We reached out and said 'Hey, we love this gown…but we don’t need it for a wedding. If we could kind of shift it around, make some changes…’ And Wes [Gordon, the brand's Creative Director], was super into it. So, we started with that silhouette and built the look around that. We changed the color — it’s obviously not white, it’s more of a blush — and there’s exposed boning that you see through the lace that makes it a little more modern and not read super princess-y."

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Since Morrone's gown was such a stand-out piece, Schifman didn't want to pair it with anything too statement-making.

"For accessories, we’re keeping everything very minimal because the dress is such a show-stopper. I never like to go full princess — leave that to the royals, I say. So, we’re going minimal on the jewelry, hair is going to be down, natural, soft — trying not to stay too polished because the dress almost calls for that. We want to juxtapose the beauty, and the hair, and the jewelry."

Perhaps the most surprising fact that Schifman shared about Morron's Oscars gown was that it came together in less than a week.

"I don’t think [the Carolina Herrera team] started building the dress until four or five days ago, because they have their show tomorrow in New York City, so they’re a little busy with that," he said. "They’re just so generous to have accommodated us. It was absolutely the most pleasant experience."

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