Whether you're into K-Pop or not, her outfits will surely turn you into a superfan.

By Samantha Sutton
Updated Mar 11, 2020 @ 6:30 pm
Credit: Edi Chen/Getty Images

Even if K-Pop music isn't your jam, you've likely at least heard of the girl group phenomenon that is BLACKPINK. Their tunes, which mix danceable beats with powerful vocals and rapping are what put them on their map. However, it's their outfits that have kept fans hooked, and Lalisa Manoban, a.k.a. Lisa, might just be the best-dressed in the bunch.

After the Thailand-born performer popped up at Prada's Fall 2020 show, posing for photos while wearing a controversial shoe trend, we felt inspired to highlight some of her best looks. It's Lisa's ability to take risks, wear bold colors, and bring back throwback styles that makes her a true fashion icon, and it's time to start following her....if you're not already one of the 30 million people doing so on Instagram.

She's Mastered the Happy Medium

Credit: The Chosunilbo JNS/Getty Images

Coordinating with bandmates while embracing personal style can't be easy, but Lisa managed to do both at 26th High1 Seoul Music Awards in 2017. Sure, she wore a minidress just like the other ladies, but she chose one with ruffles and silver stars, ensuring her outfit wouldn't be overlooked.

She's Always Up for a Fashion Dare

Credit: Pietro S. D'Aprano/Getty Images

Before you get distracted by the metallic set that Lisa wore to Prada's Fall 2020 show, let's take a look at her footwear. The star paired platform mary jane heels withlong, matching socks (!!!), giving things a preppy twist and convincing us to give the controversial trend a try.

She Doesn't Mind Mixing Prints

Credit: Presley Ann/Getty Images

We've recently learned that polka-dot pants can easily replace jeans, but we can't forget the versatility of a polka-dot dress, too. Lisa showed us how great the statement-making print can look when styled with florals, and wore the two together while attending Michael Kors's Spring 2019 show.

She Knows the Power of Accessories

Credit: Dominique Charriau

Sure, the jacket Lisa had on at Celine's Spring 2020 show was full of sequins, but her outfit would have been missing a little something if not for her red crossbody bag. It added color to an otherwise neutral and average look, and really helped to make things pop.

She Stays On Top of Trends

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And, she isn't afraid to wear a few at once. While visiting Good Morning America in 2019, Lisa stepped out in high-waisted, printed jeans, combat boots, and a chunky belt, creating a combo that immediately separated her from the pack.

She's Given Sweatshirts Her Stamp of Approval

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At least graphic, designer ones. When worn with a pair of jeans and loafers, the star looked classic and, more importantly, very cozy at the same time

She's Made Us Rethink T-Shirts

Credit: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

We love our basics, but Lisa made a case for replacing casual, solid tops for something plaid and puff-sleeved. With this quick switch, jeans, slacks, and skirts suddenly become more playful and feminine.

She's a Layering Pro

Credit: THE FACT/Getty Images

This grey sweater dress isn't exactly the most exciting thing in Lisa's closet, but she knew how to amp it up. Layering it over a button-down created something unexpected, and definity gave us Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf vibes.

She's a Fan of Color Blocking

Credit: THE FACT/Getty Images

Green and yellow! Yellow and purple! At a Mulberry event in 2018, Lisa proved that these colors look gorgeous when worn together.

She Travels in Style

Credit: JTBC PLUS/Getty Images

It's not that Lisa doesn't enjoy flying in comfy sweats and hoodies. She just finds items that are the best of both worlds, like a white, logomania fleece from Louis Vuitton.

She Makes the Most of Her Basics

Credit: FOCKAN©

If you've ever struggled to find a top to go with your sparkly and/or printed skirt, it's time to follow Lisa's lead. Outside of Celine's Spring 2020 show in Paris, the performer reminded us that a white turtleneck (or even a tee) pairs perfectly with any type of bottom, especially the ones that are meant to steal the spotlight.

She Inspires Us to Go Vintage Shopping

Credit: JTBC PLUS/Getty Images

We felt the urge to cut old T-shirts into crop tops after seeing Lisa wear a long-sleeved Harley-Davidson option with baggy jeans.

She Embraces Throwback Styles

Credit: JTBC PLUS/Getty Images

Not everyone is a fan of overalls, but Lisa made a denim pair from Dickies, a neon T-shirt, and matching sneakers look like a million bucks. Hey, she isn't alone here — even J.Lo is into this easy, one-and-done look.

She Isn't Afraid to Break Some Rules

Credit: The Chosunilbo JNS/Getty Images

Can you wear over-the-knee boots with shorts? We might have said no in the past, but Lisa pulled off this tricky combo at the 31st Golden Disc Awards, when she styled a scrunchy black pair with tiny leather bottoms.