Billie Eilish Is Wearing Skims in Her New Music Video

Name a more unlikely duo.

Even Billie Eilish loves Skims. Yesterday, the singer announced that she has a new song called "Lost Cause" and it's subsequent music video premiering today at 9 a.m. PT. She shared the news to her Instagram, calling this song "one of my favorites."

"Lost Cause" SONG AND VIDEO OUT TOMORROWWWWW 9AM PT THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES AHHHHHHHH I CANT WAIT FOR YOU TO SEEE😭😭😭 ," the singer wrote. Although, she only shared a short behind-the-scenes clip from filming the music video, there is a familiar brand being worn in the video.

Kim Kardashian's popular — and often sold out — brand Skims can be seen in the clip. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star pointed out the support for her brand by posting the clip of Eilish's video to her Instagram story, writing, "I spy Skims."

Kim Kardashian Skims IG
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Eilish also reposted Kardashian's post to her own story with a heart-face emoji. It's hard to pinpoint exactly which clothing items are Skims in this clip, but we'll be looking forward to the video coming out so we can spy the piece for ourselves ... and then go buy it.

Eilish isn't the first celebrity to endorse the social media guru's brand of shape wear. Even actress Kathy Bates approves of the brand. So much in fact, that she wrote Kardashian a letter about it.

"I got the sweetest letter, handwritten letter, from Kathy Bates about Skims and loving Skims, and that made my day," she said. "And we have to get her in a campaign. I want to do a campaign with her."

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