By InStyle Staff
Updated Aug 22, 2016 @ 4:45 pm
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Get ready to exercise your "add to cart" reflexes and make room in your closets, because our big fall trend 2016 report is here, and it's got lots of personality. Five, in fact. After cataloging all the looks that walked down the fall runways, we found that the season is less about straightforward trends and more about self-expression. There's the Heritage Hipster, who is all about authentic, reinvented classics (think: menswear fabrics, fluid trousers, and cozy knits), and on the opposite end, the Mad Maximalist, whose wardrobe is action-packed with bold brocades, retro prints, and granny-chic pieces.

So which character speaks to you? Take this moment to reflect and then scroll through to find out which one of the five women is your sartorial soul sister. And then you know what's next—shop her style to complete your fall wardrobe.


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Who she is: Life is full of wonderful contradictions. She can be a full-speed-ahead, try-anything kind of customer, able to recite the CV of every Balenciaga designer down to the season. But she’s no slave to fashion and won’t hesitate to pass if a look doesn’t bring purpose to her life. Same goes for whatever green juice or parental craze everyone’s pitching.


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Who she is: History will remember her—if not for her actions then certainly for her outfits. Like Edith Bouvier Beale and the Marchesa Luisa Casati before her, she is bold in her quirky retro prints, daring in her layered compositions, and unrivaled in using felines as accessories. Eccentricity is an accent.


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Who she is: She has the pose and the clothes. With her impressive versatility (she can go long or short, girlie or grown-up) and her ease in her own skin, it’s tempting to be jealous of this natural-born style leader. But like Kendall and Kylie (heck, even Kim), it’s hard not to follow.


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Who she is: The power look of the ’80s is back, now reprogrammed for Wi-Fi. That is to say, this woman opts for a less icy image of beauty, unencumbered by strict silhouettes or age restrictions. Whether a Selena Gomez or a Selina Meyer, she’s sensual without being obvious, and she loves to show her shoulders.


Credit: Gamma-Rapho/Getty; Imaxtree (2); Gamma-Rapho/Getty; Imaxtree (2); Jonas Gustavsson/Getty; Pietro D' Aprano/Getty

Who she is: She’s with herself. An independent thinker and a believer that toughness beats roughness, she rules with a cashmere fist. There’s always a touch of street in her wardrobe, but she tones down the edge with feminine flourishes, except when it comes to her highly embellished shoes.