I'm a 38DD, and These 2-in-1 Sports Bra Tops Are Actually Supportive for Workouts

They won’t make you feel like you’re being smothered.

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I’m a 38DD, and These 2-in-1 Sports Bra Tops Are Actually Supportive for Workouts
Photo: Girlfriend

Twelve years ago I read an interview where Jessica Simspon said she had to wear two sports bras when she exercised. It was the most banal piece of information you could have gleaned from the conversation, but as someone with big boobs, it was permanently burnt into my brain.

To some that may sound like a hyperbole, but I knew exactly what she was talking about. From the time puberty struck, I was constantly MacGyvering my bras and clothes to figure out a way to keep myself concealed and supported. For a while this meant a regular underwire bra underneath a sports bra that had velcro, bra hooks and thick elastic. But as of late, I have finally been able to find and wear two-in-one sports bra shirts thanks to growing size inclusivity and body positivity.

My search for a top that could also function as a supportive-enough sports bra began during the very early stages of our first COVID-19 quarantine. I was working out at home and frustrated with the body contortions and discomfort I was enduring simply to do a ballet workout in my living room.

Since that pivotal moment I have tried, I kid you not, at least 15 sports bra tops, but only four actually held up the girls while still being comfortable. They are from Girlfriend Collective, Beyond Yoga, Adidas, and FP Movement.

Girlfriend Collective Tommy Cropped Bra

Girlfriend Collective Tommy cropped bra

Shop now: $42; girlfriend.com

My first interactions with Girlfriend Collective were on Instagram. Its products are size-inclusive, cute, affordable, and sustainably made. It seemed too good to be true, but in a surprising plot twist, it's not!

I have two Girlfriend Collective bras. The first is the Topanga, a skinny, criss-cross back strap bra. It's cute and dainty, but it really is best only for the lowest impact workouts — things like mat pilates class, sit ups, or basic yoga.

The Tommy Cropped Bra, on the other hand, has withstood everything I've thrown at it. Granted, I am cardio averse (running is truly a cursed activity), so I cannot speak to that, but I frequently do jumping pilates and this movement-heavy early 2000s New York City Ballet workout.

My boobs stay in place, there are no unsightly bulges, and I don't spend my time preoccupied with trying to prevent a wardrobe malfunction.

Beyond Yoga Spacedye Studio Cropped Tank

Beyond Yoga cropped tank

Shop now: $68; beyondyoga.com

People talk about activewear being the most comfortable clothing, but that really seemed like a gross exaggeration if not falsehood until I met Beyond Yoga's Spacedye products. This top is better than being naked. The fabric is so soft but somehow moisture wicking, supportive, and structured without being smothering.

Adidas Formotion Sculpt Medium-Support Bra

sports bra

Shop now: $70; adidas.com

Out of these four bra tops, this one from Adidas is definitely the one to pick if your top concern is support. It's a tight, supportive fit, yet the fabric feels thin and breathable. Formation Sculpt is especially useful for me on cold days — it has (removable) padding that I find necessary when it's nippy out.

FP Movement Free Throw Crop

Free Throw crop

Shop now: $30; freepeople.com

The FP Movement Free Throw Crop comes in 25 colors, which is great because you will almost definitely end up buying more than one. My only issue with this top is the same one I generally have with Free People and FP Movement — the sizing is quite limited. This one caps out at an XL, but it's a perfect fit for my 38DD chest. It's form fitting, and the length is that sweet spot in between a bra and a full length shirt; it ends an inch above the waistband of my bottoms. This is also the most affordable and functional top I've come across.

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