What's up With Beyoncé Always Wearing Wedding Dresses?

Today, Beyoncé unveiled her much-lauded Vogue cover. While the image is undoubtedly cool and definitely keeping in line with the magazine's M.O. of featuring the latest, greatest fashions, hardcore Beyoncé stans will notice that the cover photo is keeping in line with the queen's fashion sense. No, we're not talking those coordinated Tina Knowles-created looks from the TRL era. Beyoncé pulled a move from her own playbook and slipped into a wedding dress, even though the shoot had nothing to do with I do's. What sets a bridal look apart from ready-to-wear dresses and even haute couture creations? Drama.

According to The Cut, Bey is wearing a wedding gown from Gucci's cruise line for her cover. That's an unusual pick, because September issues generally showcase fall fashion and cruise releases won't hit stores until later. When the gown came down the runway, it was accompanied by a flaming catwalk, a huge bouquet worthy of a Dutch Masters painting, and a feathered fascinator. Beyoncé decided to edit the over-the-top look down, simply opting for the dress and popping an over-the-top floral arrangement on her head, perhaps in a nod to the dress' intended use. To say the look was theatrical would be an understatement.

Beyonce Grammy Awards
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But this isn't the first time that Bey's picked a wedding gown for an everyday (for Beyoncé, at least) look. Glamour reports that back in 2016, she chose a wedding dress from designer Inbal Dror for an appearance at the Grammy Awards. With heavy embellishment, sheer panels, and a pair of huge diamond-shaped earrings—again, no subtlety here—the only real indicator that it was designed to walk down the aisle and not a red carpet was its color: bridal white.

Beyoncé chose to wear a Galia Lahav dress for her vow renewal back in June. It was undoubtedly a more appropriate occasion for a wedding dress. Fans got to peek the look during a stop on the On the Run II tour, where footage from the ceremony played behind music's power couple. Page Six reports that the dress was inspired by Queen Victoria, a fitting reference for Beyoncé.

Vanity Fair adds that on other occasions, Bey has worn Stella McCartney bridal, a white gown from Yolan Cris, and even a bridal jumpsuit from Elie Saab. When you're Beyoncé, it doesn't take a lot to make a statement. But wedding dresses have details that other options just don't. Trains, capes, beading, embroidery, and bridal options' showstopping white hues are just the thing to accompany the queen, no matter where she's going.

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