The 18 Best White Sneakers to Wear Every Day in 2023

You can never go wrong with the classic Nike Air Force 1s.

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No matter what your personal style is, a pair of white sneakers should be classified as a wardrobe requirement. Whether you're going for a timeless sneaker style or something a little more modern — such as a chunky sole or boot-like high-top — or a pair of retro kicks, many will agree that they are the most versatile shoe style around.

White sneakers are easy to style and are one of those staple pieces that truly stand the test of time. "A pair of white sneakers is just like a white t-shirt — a foundational piece in your wardrobe that is always on trend and always perfectly functional," Kathleen Sullivan, Senior Director of Marketing at Keds confirms. And, much like a white t-shirt, there are tons of white sneakers to choose from, which can cause a bit of overwhelm if you're looking for the best of the best. But, alas, that's where we come in.

From classics to cult favorites and everything in between, we meticulously researched the best white sneakers, keeping design, material, sizing, comfort, and longevity in mind. When it came down to it, nothing beat the all-time classic Nike Air Force 1. The shoe checks off all our boxes and will still remain in style for well over a decade — after all, they’ve been around for longer than that already. Keep reading to see more styles for the office, for the winter, for the sporty, and more.

Nike Air Force 1 '07 Sneaker

Nike Air Force 1 '07 Shoe


What We Love: The classic style is extraordinarily comfortable.

What We Don’t Love: Customers complain that they’re not as durable as they used to be.

This roundup wouldn’t be complete without including the Nike Air Force 1s in the mix. First introduced as basketball shoes, the iconic sneaker quickly gained popularity through hip-hop culture, then it transitioned to a widely-accepted mainstream fashion staple. Even though they’re slightly chunky with a generous platform and padded collars, the shoe still looks fresh. And the soft, springy cushioning makes them ideal for all-day comfort, while the holes at the top keep your feet well-ventilated. Considering that the style also pairs well with just about anything, it might be tempting to wear them day after day again. However, according to the reviews, the shoes are not durable enough to maintain their pristine condition after much wear. Senior commerce editor Chloe Anello has had hers for six years, though, and admits that while they certainly look beat up — the inner lining even has a hole in the back — she notes that the shoes stayed intact where it counts, like the sole and stitching. They are mostly composed of leather, too, which will mold and bend with time, so take good care of them when they’re in your possession. 

Price at time of publish: $145

Material: Leather, foam midsole | Fit: True to size | Size range:  5 - 12

Best Splurge

Common Projects Original Achilles Leather Sneakers

Common Projects Original Achilles Leather Sneakers


What We Love: The sleek, minimalist design is crafted from soft Italian leather, making them both stylish and comfortable.

What We Don’t Love: There are no half sizes offered.

The Common Projects white sneakers have become somewhat of a staple in recent years as well, with fashionable personalities wearing them frequently. The sleek leather design, crafted by the leaders in leather themselves (the Italians, if it wasn’t clear), comes with minimal detailing. Aside from the signature serial code stamped on the side of the heel, the silhouette remains clean, which gives you the opportunity to wear these loafers’ counterparts easily to work as well. But style isn’t the only aspect that gave these shoes their fame – the Achilles leather sneakers are known to be soft and comfortable, fitting like a glove from day one. However, like many European shoe brands, these are not offered in half sizes. The brand recommends sizing up if you typically fall in between sizes.

Price at time of publish: $465

Material: Leather | Fit: True to size | Size range: 4 - 12

Best Budget

Vans Canvas Old Skool

Vans Canvas Old Skool


What We Love: They have an incredibly large size range, offering shoes up to a size 17.5

What We Don’t Love: They are a bit narrow, and might not be too comfortable for people with wide feet.

There’s a reason why the iconic design, which has been around since the 70s, has a large celebrity following (everyone from Emily Ratajkowski to Zendaya to Kim Kardashian has been seen rocking them); they simply never go out of style. Stylist Lindsay Flores considers Vans to be her “favorite everyday sneaker” that she “wears all the time. They’re such a timeless classic sneaker that everyone simply loves,” she adds. Despite its durability typically associated with a high cost, the classic Canvas Old Skool style comes at an affordable price, so its versatility and timeless appeal can be accessed by all. And we really do mean “by all” — Vans offers a wide size range, from a size 5 to 17.5. That being said, though, some complain that these sneakers run a bit narrow at first. Exercise some patience, and with enough time and wear, they will expand and mold around your feet. Trust us, these will be plenty comfortable thanks to the cushioned ankle and flexible body. 

Price at time of publish: $70

Material: Cotton | Fit: True to size | Size range: 5 - 17.5

Best for Work

Banana Republic Knit Sneaker

Banana Republic Knit Sneaker

Banana Republic

What We Love: The cushioned footbed helps support long hours on your feet.

What We Don’t Love: They run a little large, and might be worth sizing down half a size.

In order to pick the best white sneakers for work, we considered the shoe’s durability, comfort, and of course, appeal. Whether you’re spending over eight hours on your feet or visiting the office every day (our condolences if you are), these knit sneakers allow for ample movement through the stretchy knit top, support on your soles through the cushioned footbed, and a sleek addition to your office attire. The lace front allows you to adjust for snugness, and the loop on the back makes it easy to slip on and off. The bottom of the shoe is made of thermoplastic rubber, which compared to regular rubber, has better slip resistance and higher impact resistance. If you expect to do a lot of walking, these will endure more and thereby last you longer. Across the reviews, everyone seems to agree that these provide tons of comfort. If you have wide feet, you’ll be happy to learn that these run a little larger as well. Everyone else, it might make sense to size down a half-size.  

Price at time of publish: $90

Material: Polyurethane, polyester, thermoplastic rubber, leather flocking | Fit: Runs big | Size range: 6 - 10

Most Comfortable

New Balance 550 White Sneakers

New Balance 550 White Sneakers

New Balance

What We Love: You can spend hours in them in perfect comfort.

What We Don’t Love: Because of the unisex sizing, smaller sizes for women are less available.

Across the team here at InStyle, almost every writer and editor owns a pair of New Balance sneakers. Their comfort and ease of style are undeniably an appeal. And influencer Aarica Nichole loves these shoes, as well, especially when going for a “statement sneaker.” As she explains, “They’re a great option to spice up a casual outfit or if you want to go for a more sporty street style look.” InStyle writer Bianca Kratky also finds them excellent for travel because she can wear them for long periods of time without feeling achy arches or cramped toes.

Originally intended for basketball, these sneakers have a sturdy, supportive leather upper and rubber sole while cushioning protects the ankle. Rather than a sleek design, these ones come with the classic NB logo, textured seams across the shoe, and an asymmetrical lining across the toes. Because of the unisex sizing and the sudden popularity over the past few years, it might be a bit difficult to get your hands on them for a time being, especially in smaller sizes. 

Price at time of publish: $110

Material: Leather, rubber | Fit: True to size | Size range: 5.5 - 18.5

Adidas Primegreen Stan Smith Sneaker

Adidas Primegreen Stan Smith Sneaker


What We Love:  The shoe is part of Adidas’ commitment to reduce plastic waste.

What We Don’t Love: They run a little large, so it might be better to size down.

Adidas Stan Smith sneakers swooped through the nation (nay, the world) over the past few years at an impressive rate. As a staple white sneaker for women and men of all ages, its versatility, quality, sustainability, and color accent on the back of the shoe played a large role in its rise to popularity. Adidas crafted the shoe in an effort to reduce plastic waste, with the upper portion being made of 50 percent Primegreen recycled materials. While the green logo and back is its most popular style (and symbolize its eco-efforts) the shoe is also offered in all-white, dark blue, gold, and mint green. 

Of course, the shoes are also wildly comfortable. With a cushioned insole (that’s removable, should you want to swap it for something else), a snug lace-up, and a flexible upper, you’ll find your feet well-supported. The brand does note that these run large, however, so size down for a perfect fit.  

Price at time of publish: $95 for Size 5

Material: Synthetic rubber, Primegreen recycled materials, | Fit: Runs big | Size range: 5 - 11

Best Platform

Steve Madden Rockaway White Sneakers

Steve Madden Rockaway White Sneakers

Steve Madden

What We Love: They’re surprisingly comfortable. 

What We Don’t Love: They’re made from synthetic materials.

Need a little height without the heel? These two-inch platform sneakers will grant you just that. The Steve Madden Rockaway sneakers have been making their rounds on social media — and for good reason. A wildly enthusiastic group of reviewers will confirm that despite the lift, they’re actually extremely comfortable. By intersecting perfectly between style, comfort, and height, they have been the ideal shoe for travelers to spend their touristy strolls in, according to the reviews (we’re talking consecutive days around Paris, Vienna, Madrid, and more). Although the brand doesn’t actually list what they’re made from exactly, they do confirm it’s a synthetic material, which most likely means plastic.

However, that might mean they’re easy to clean, which might be a selling point for those who plan to wear them regularly. Kratky has a variety of wide-leg pants that reach the floor, and finds platform sneakers, like these to be the ideal shoe to casually add a little height for the pants without needing to turn to heels. However, with all platform shoes, there is the need to be careful not to twist your ankles. Since these are low-tops, you won’t have any support around them either. 

Price at time of publish: $80

Material: Vegan leather | Fit: True to size | Size range: 5 - 11

What We Love: The air cushioning in the heel makes each step feel like a breeze.

What We Don’t Love: The mesh paneling is difficult to clean and keep white.

While the Nike Air Force 1s get most of the attention, Kratky personally adores the Air Max shoes — she stayed loyal to her pair even after her dog chewed it up quite a bit.  She can’t find anything else that compares to the sporty aesthetic and comfort. The visible air cushioning on the heels makes each step feel softened — walking with these is not unlike walking on air, hence the name. Kratky also appreciates that the sole curves with the natural arch of the foot, which keeps her feet from feeling any strains, and the mesh panels, leather construction, and padded lining offers ample support. These details also make the shoe feel more durable — Kratky has worn hers on hikes, to the gym, and running errands, and she has yet to notice any major signs of wear and tear. Just know that the mesh paneling will be difficult to keep clean, so perhaps the hiking trails should be avoided. 

Price at time of publish: $85

Material: Leather, foam | Fit: True to size | Size range: 5 - 12

Best Slip-On

Vagabond Judy Sneakers

Vagabond Judy Sneakers


What We Love: They elevate the classic style with a platform sole.

What We Don’t Love: They’re not available in half sizes.

When we think of slip-ons, we often think of styles made from canvas. These ones from Vagabond stand out with their slick leather uppers and platform sole, which gives them a more versatile feel for the typically casual slip-on style. They can easily be dressed up or down, adding a clean and polished feel to any outfit. On top of bringing something new to the slip-on style, one of our favorite aspects of these sneakers are the padded collars. Slip-ons traditionally take some time to break in and adding a sturdier fabrication like leather to the mix can drag out the process. But, with the extra cushioning, they have a layer of comfort that many slip-ons don't have. However, as another European brand, these shoes don’t come in half sizes. Considering that leather can stretch and mold into your foot, we recommend sizing down and breaking the shoe in with time. 

Price at time of publish: $160

Material: Leather| Fit: True to size | Size range: 35-42

Best High Top

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classic

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classic


What we love: They come in a standard and wide size.

What we don’t love: They’re not a great option for the winter.

We cannot recall a time when Converse Chuck Taylors weren’t in. The breathable canvas sneakers lead the game in bringing a casual everyday touch to an otherwise sporty category. While you might not find these sneakers on the court anymore, you will find the iconic lace-ups on every celebrity from Rihanna to Bella Hadid and the everyday person seen running errands. We love that the wide size range (5 - 19) and options to choose between a regular and wide fit make them accessible to all — and of course, the affordable price doesn’t hurt either.

While the low tops only show the logo around the back of the shoe, the high tops feature a round all-star logo right at your heel. The white comes in two versions — one with the signature red and blue piping, and one monochrome, all-white shoe, where even the logo is pure white. While the first might be more popular among shoppers, the latter makes for a more versatile piece to style. That being said, the lightweight canvas won’t give you any warmth during the winter, making these a strictly spring-to-fall shoe.

Price at time of publish: $105

Material: N/A | Fit: True to size | Size range: 5 - 19, regular, wide

Best Sustainable

Veja Esplar Low Leather Sneakers

VEJA NET SUSTAIN Esplar suede-trimmed leather


What we love: They’re easy to clean and keep white, thanks to the smooth leather.

What we don’t love: There isn’t much support on the arch of your foot.

Since its launch in 2005, Veja quickly rose in popularity thanks to its sleek design, comfortable shoes, and most importantly, ethical business practices. Everything from the organic cotton used in the canvas and laces, the amazonian rubber used in the soles, and the people involved in the creation, Veja moves with sustainability as their northern star. That’s not to say the brand is vegan, however. The shoes linked here have a calf leather top and suede leather logo. Although if you do prefer a non-animal product, they do have a vegan collection on their site as well. 

Kratky was given the opportunity to try the pair linked here, thanks to the team at Veja, and was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they are. Despite there not being much arch support, the rest of the shoe comfortably hugs the foot. There’s no doubt that it looks extremely chic, but they can also surprisingly withstand the rain and wind, as Kratky found out whilst walking into a bit of a surprise storm. The smooth leather was easy to clean with a single swipe, making it a breeze to keep them white for a long period of time. 

Price at time of publish: $150

Material: Rubber, leather, organic cotton | Fit: True to size | Size range: 5 - 12

Best Tennis

Everlane ReLeather Court Sneakers

Everlane ReLeather Court Sneakers


What we love: They’re constructed with recycled leather.

What we don’t love: They’re not ideal for wide feet, and there are mixed reviews on the sizing recommendations.

These court sneakers are similar to the Veja sneakers in design, but with a brighter white and a higher platform. And true to Everlane’s commitment to sustainability, they’re crafted with 50 percent recycled leather and 50 percent non-leather substances, a material Everlane calls “ReLeather”. They are long-lasting, give leather scraps another life, and require less water to produce. The shoe itself feels comfortable, according to the reviews, although those with wider feet complain that the narrow toe box makes their feet hurt after some time. Some have pointed out that they needed to size down, while others recommend sizing up, which makes finding the right fit slightly confusing. Once you do, however, you will enjoy how lightweight and relaxed they feel. They don’t require much time to break in and can be worn on long walks right out of the box. 

Price at time of publish: $110

Material: Recycled leather, miscellaneous scraps| Fit: Varies | Size range: 5 - 12

Best Leather

Vince Gabi Leather Low Top Sneaker

Vince Gabi Leather Low Top Sneaker

Saks Fifth Avenune

What we love: The supple leather molds to your feet over time.

What we don’t love: They run large and require you to order a half size smaller.

Featuring smooth leather both on the upper and lining of the shoe, the Vince Gabi sneakers provide a sleek, all-white addition to any outfit. Aside from the discreet logo stamped on the side, the shoe has minimal design elements, which keeps them looking slick and understated. Meanwhile, the 1.75-inch rubber platform helps give you a little elevation, making this ideal for a sophisticated getup. While reviewers all agree that the elegant shoe looks and feels luxurious with a supple leather outer that molds to your feet over time, they also all collectively point out that they run too big, some even opting for one full size smaller. The brand itself recommends sizing a half size down, so we definitely suggest following this advice. 

Price at time of publish: $230

Material: Leather, rubber | Fit: Runs large | Size range: 5 - 11

Best All White

Thursday Boot Company Premier Low Top

Thursday Boot Company Premier Low Top

Thursday Boot Company

What we love: They come with shock-absorbing footbeds.

What we don’t love: They feel a bit snug fresh out the box.

Sure, a lot of the shoes on this list are pure white, like the Converse High-Tops, for example, but for something more versatile (and crisp, all-white), Kratky suggests going with InStyle writer Eva Thomas’s suggestion of these Thursday Boots sneakers. She says that these all-white sneakers “have gotten more wear than most of my shoes.” That’s because the shock-absorbant footbeds make walking in them a breeze, while a padded tongue and collar feel gentle around your ankles. The shoe features a leather upper, as well as a buttery soft leather interior. “The streamlined silhouette pairs well with everything, even fancier trousers,” raves Thomas. The near-seamless design gives them an elegant appeal, which is why wearing them to the office, as Thomas does, feels perfectly appropriate. She did call out that they’re a bit narrow fresh out of the box, but the leather eventually stretched and molds to your foot over time.

Price at time of publish: $129

Material: Leather | Fit: | Size range: 5 - 12

Best Canvas

Cariuma OCA Low Canvas Sneakers

Cariuma OCA Low Off-White Canvas Sneakers


What we love: For every sneaker you buy, Cariuma plants two trees.

What we don’t love: They swoop a little lower underneath the ankle than most shoes.

InStyle editors and celebrities alike rave about the comfort of Cariuma’s canvas sneakers. Alexandra Daddario, Helen Mirren, and more have all been seen out and about in these sustainable, highly versatile sneakers that stand apart just a tad from the Nike and Adidas sneakers of the world. Cariuma operates on a fully sustainable business model, using organic cotton sourced responsibly, rubber where no trees were cut down in order to obtain, and other recycled materials. The canvas upper is made of organic cotton, grown without pesticides or harmful chemicals, while the insole features a cork material, memory foam, and organic mamona oil. Everything from the laces to the labels is also crafted using recycled plastics. And despite the extra steps they take to ensure a safe product, the price does not get hiked up dramatically, making sustainable and quality shoes attainable for all. The style is offered in suede and leather, and of course, various colors and a men’s version as well.

Because they swoop lower underneath the ankle than many other sneakers on this list, your socks are more likely to show. We recommend wearing a pair of no-show socks to ensure they don’t peak through (unless you want them to).

Price at time of publish: $79

Material: Organic cotton, rubber, cork, recycled materials | Fit: True to size | Size range: 5 - 13

Best Off White

Reebok Club C 85 Vintage Shoes

Club C 85 Vintage Shoes

What we love: The timeless and genderless appeal makes them loved by all.

What we don’t love: They’re difficult to clean.

Let’s be real, true white sneakers are difficult to keep clean, and eventually turn into some shade of beige with time. Why not just skip the antics and go straight for an intentionally off-white sneaker? The Reebok Club C’s are another one of those trendy shoes that gained momentum recently, thanks to their laid-back style. They were designed after the classic 80s tennis court shoe, and therefore feature a low-to-the-ground platform, low top cut, and a durable rubber sole. For a slightly customized fit, the insole can be removed and swapped, if you have specific sole needs (like an arched foot). 

While the green-detailed shoe is the most popular, you can find it in turquoise, light blue, dark blue, and red, too. The timeless and gender-neutral appeal makes them widely loved by all, and will likely remain relevant as a classic shoe for years to come. That being said, the many seams and linings on the top of the shoe make it difficult to clean the nooks and crooks. 

Price at time of publish: $85

Material: Leather, rubber | Fit: True to size | Size range: 5 - 16.5

Best Minimalist

Koio Capri Triple White Sneakers

Koio Capri Triple White Sneakers


What we love: The Italian leather is stitched tightly and made to be water-resistant. 

What we don’t love: The size range is rather small, and doesn’t include half sizes.

Koio puts an elegant spin on all our favorite classic shoe styles. By hand-making each pair in Italy, the brand crafts each pair with extreme care, giving you a detail-oriented design that looks clean and sophisticated. These Capri sneakers feature a leather outer and lining, stitched so tightly together that it becomes water-resistant. Made with half-natural and half-recycled materials, the shoe offers a sustainable element to your wardrobe, too. 

Those that have tried the shoe have only great things to say about it — reviewers rave about how they’re immensely comfortable, and durable. And Anello says she can wear hers for hours without even feeling her feet. With an impressive perfect five-star rating from over 1,430 reviewers, you can trust that the shoe truly makes for a quality investment. Unfortunately, it’s another one of those brands that don’t offer half sizes. The brand recommends sizing down if you are in-between numbers. 

Price at time of publish: $295

Material: Leather, rubber | Fit: Runs large | Size range: 5 - 11

Best Wool

Allbirds Women's Wool Pipers

Allbirds Women's Wool Pipers


What we love: They’re the ideal sneakers for colder weather.

What we don’t love: They’re very difficult to keep clean.

These ridiculously soft shoes feature a plush outer and interior that hugs your feet in a warm embrace. This texture, typically reserved for cozy winter boots, is now available as everyday walking shoes as well, making it possible for you to style white sneakers in the winter. Merino wool (which is finer and therefore softer than your usual wool), retains heat and wicks away moisture better than most other materials. Not to mention, it's also naturally odor resistant and breathable — a definite perk when it comes to sneakers. The only con that comes with such textures is that they are difficult to clean. The brand does provide cleaning instructions (remove insoles and machine wash in a delicates bag), but it’s likely the texture will change with time after a few too many washes.  

Price at time of publish: $110

Material: Merino wool| Fit: True to size | Size range: 5 - 11

What to Keep in Mind


Sneakers are designed with comfort in mind — and there is nothing more uncomfortable than a shoe that doesn't fit. When shopping for a pair of white sneakers, make sure to follow the sizing charts and measure your soles to find your perfect match. Reading customer reviews can also help to determine if they run true-to-size. Also, keep in mind whether you have flat or curved feet. Most shoes, like the Veja Esplar Suede Trimmed Leather Sneakers, have flat soles, which can be uncomfortable for those with an arched foot. The Nike Air Max SC on the other hand mildly curves along your feet to provide that gentle support. Other shoes give you the option to remove the sole and swap it for something else. The Reebok Club C 85 Vintage Shoes for example allows you to do just that, and you can insert your own insole for better support. 


The fabrication of a shoe is also important, especially if you have a specific use in mind. For example, If you're looking for a pair of white sneakers to wear to the office, a shoe made of leather, like the Everlane ReLeather Court Sneakers, Vince Gabi Leather Low Top Sneaker, and the Thursday Boots  Premier Low Top Sneakers, is a great choice as it has an elevated feel that pairs well with smart business attire. If you’re spending the whole day on your feet, you want to opt for something a little more flexible, like the Banana Republic Knit Sneaker or the Vans Canvas Old Skool Shoe, which has cotton and polyester makeup. 


Even white sneakers come in different variations of the shade, like off white, pure white, and gray white, to name a few. You might also find small colored detailings, like logos and linings, made of the brand’s signature colors. For a true-white sneaker, the Thursday Boots Premier Low Top Sneaker provides that clean and sleek look. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classic and the Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers include some blues, reds, and greens, but are still considered a white sneaker. However, the additional colors might make it more difficult to pair with everything, the way an all-white sneaker would. Those that have more of an off-white look, like the Cariuma Off-White Canvas Sneakers, remove the crispness of white sneakers and make it a bit more casual for everyday wear. 

Your Questions, Answered

How can you keep white sneakers clean?

Keeping white sneakers clean depends on the material. For canvas sneakers, Sean McDowell, Vice President of Design and Product Development at Sperry, says to reach for a little bleach. "I use a spray bottle mixed with water and bleach," he explains. For this process, you'll want to remove the laces and then use a strong bristled brush "to get in all of the recesses of the canvas and rubber sidewalls," McDowell notes. Once you've scrubbed them clean, place them in the sun for a few hours to dry and brighten them up. With that said, bleach is a harsh chemical, so it's best to use this method on white canvas sneakers that are inexpensive. For more expensive pairs, it's best to protect them ahead of time with a stain-resistant coating and spot clean as needed.

To clean white leather sneakers, McDowell recommends using a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. "I use an old toothbrush to get in all the nooks and crannies," he explains. "It's gentler than bleach and, with smooth leather, you don't need to go as deep as canvas," he adds.

If you’re not in the mood to cook up a science project in the kitchen, however, Nichole recommends the brand Jason Mark, which she uses to clean all her white sneakers. 

As far as laces are concerned, you can easily remove them from your sneakers and toss them in the wash with your whites for a fresh scrub. And, if they get to a point where they are too far gone, purchasing a new pair of shoelaces is an inexpensive and quick way to freshen up your soles.

If you are concerned about keeping white sneakers squeaky clean, McDowell says to also consider dipping your toes into (literally) the off-white or tofu-colored sneaker trend. "It gives a more vintage look and is a little easier to maintain."

What can you wear white sneakers with?

The best part about these classic kicks? "You can really wear them with anything," says Sullivan. "A crisp white sneaker can complement a classic outfit or be a neutral piece for a more fashion-forward look," she adds. If you’re going for a casual everyday look, opt for something like the Reebok Club C 85 Vintage Shoes, Cariuma Off-White Canvas Sneakers, or Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers, which Flores would style with “straight fit jeans, fitted tees, and a blazer”. If you’re heading to the office, leather options like the Thursday Boots  Premier Low Top Sneakers and the Common Projects Original Achilles Leather Sneakers are ideal. These can easily be worn with slacks and long dresses. 

Can you wear white sneakers with work pants?

"You can absolutely wear white sneakers with work pants," Sullivan explains, adding that the "line between professional and comfortable at work has certainly blurred" over the last few years. "With more and more people heading back into the office but not wanting to sacrifice the comfort of working from home, a pair of white sneakers can instantly bring that feel while still looking professional," she adds. Additionally, McDowell notes that a white leather sneaker is a great choice for office attire, as it adds a touch of personality while still looking professional and buttoned up.

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