Plus, six other celeb-loved sustainable swimwear brands.

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Sustainable swimwear
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It’s somehow June and even if going to the beach was allowed, it’s probably the last thing on anyone’s mind right now. There’s so much else going on that has nothing to do with bikinis and frosé — 2020 hits different. This summer is unlike any other summer we’ve ever had but maybe we can actually take the time we would be spending on vacation this year to actually make a difference. After all, we can still read up on anti-racism while wearing a bikini in the comfort of our homes. Paddle boarding quite literally could never.

And if we’re going to be purchasing anything right now, it might as well also be sustainable. Especially when there’s never been an easier time to buy sustainable swimwear. The world is definitely not healing itself so we should do something to help that actually happen while we sort through a long checklist of other things we need to do to make this world a better place. 

Kelly Ripa, Katie Holmes, Priyanka Chopra, Selena Gomez, Ayesha Curry, and more all wear brands that also create sustainable bikinis and one-pieces. A majority of them are even under $100. From Reformation to Vitamin A, shop the best sustainable swimwear by celeb-loved brands below. 


Owning a Reformation dress is practically a celebrity right of passage. If you’re a famous gal like Kelly Ripa, Selena Gomez, and Priyanka Chopra, you could easily fill an entire NYC apartment with all of the Ref you own. Unfortunately, buying Reformation doesn’t automatically get you a mansion with all that space or a Hollywood star. But it does make very cute swimwear in an array of patterns including tie-dye and wallpaper florals, so we’ll forgive them just this once.

Shop Reformation sustainable swimwear here:


When it comes to doing the work, Summersalt has done it all and then some. The brand has taken over 1.5 million body measurements to ensure its bikinis and one-pieces fit a wide range of body types. The recycled materials used in its design also give each swimsuit four times the compression of most other commonly used swimsuit fabrics. So a Summersalt swimsuit isn’t a one-season thing, it’s made to actually last. Gigi Hadid has been wearing hers for a couple of summers now. 

Shop Summersalt sustainable swimwear here:

Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman has been doing sustainable fashion since before it became a buzzword. All of her swimwear is made from Econyl or Repreve, a fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. Hoffman’s swimwear is also definitely on the more expensive side, but it’s also the closest to a dreamy seaside vacation you’re going to get these days, and so it’s worth the splurge. Staring at a Mara Hoffman piece long enough will immediately launch you into a summer surfing daydream that’s a stark contrast to the couch surfing we’re all currently doing. It’ll help you channel Chrissy Teigen on vacation in Turks & Caicos which is also a mood.

Shop Mara Hoffman sustainable swimwear here:,,,

Vitamin A

I never thought I’d see Ayesha Curry and Hilary Duff in the same sentence but they both wear Vitamin A swimwear, so there we have it. And of course, they both look like absolute babes in it. Eco-consciousness is at the core of the brand, and everything is made in California from EcoLux, a swim fabric they created made of recycled nylon fibers. As the brand says, sustainability is sexy. Their suits also fit like a second skin and we stan.

Shop Vitamin A sustainable swimwear here:,, 


The most popular swim trend right now is to look very much like an actual mermaid. While growing out your hair might take some time, wearing a balconette top from Fisch is basically like wearing a seashell bra. The eco-friendly brand has been everywhere as of late due to that particular style being extra popularized by influencers and editors on Instagram. Ariel is shook. 

Shop Fisch sustainable swimwear here:,,,

Casa Raki

Casa Raki was inspired by founder Josefina A. Theo’s time spent on the Uruguayan coast, is designed in London, and made at a women-owned and run factory in Portugal. Once again, since we don’t know when the next time we can go to any of those places, these swimsuits made of Econyl may be the closest we’re going to get right now. And since they’re so beautiful, it’s hard to be too mad. 

Shop Casa Raki sustainable swimwear