It's the perfect time to experiment with clothes and reinvent what you already own.

By Samantha Sutton
Updated Apr 16, 2020 @ 5:30 pm
Emma Anderson

There's no shortage of activities for those of us who are able to quarantine at home. Still, if you're getting tired of putting together puzzles, baking bread, or attempting TikTok dances, it might be time to head on over to your closet. Aside from getting organized and testing out DIYs (tie-dye is happening, people), we now have an excuse to play around with our wardrobe, finding new ways to wear the stuff we already own.

How you end up experimenting is really up to you. You can recreate outfits from movies like 13 Going On 30, or test out color blocking and mixing prints. If you need of inspiration, we've already found five easy ideas to help get you started. Whether you wear these looks now, later, or never again, trying on your clothes might just provide a welcome distraction and a much-needed moment of fun.

Wear Your Button-Down Backwards

Emma Anderson

This might seem a little strange at first, but honestly, a backward button-down might just equal your future going-out top. Whether you're using an oversized option or your go-to work shirt, try different buttoning techniques (like the asymmetrical option, pictured) and pull it down off your shoulders.

Layer Up Your Collars

Emma Anderson

It's 2004's double polo trend reimagined for 2020. Style two collared button-downs on top of one another — or even layer a structured option underneath something soft —to create an interesting look. We also recommend trying this trick with two blazers, which can replace your outerwear on in-between spring days.

Style Your Shirt Like a Cardigan

Emma Anderson

Aside from being a commitment-free way to show off your bralette (you can always button things back up if you're no longer feeling the look), you can also try twin set trend for $0. Simply find a shirt in a similar color to layer underneath.

Mix Multiple Aesthetics

Emma Anderson

Not all of us have a signature style. Some closets are full of everything from '90s staples to modest dresses to sparkly, sequined pants. Randomly grab a few things you'd never think to style together, then try your hardest to make them work. Much like a bucket hat and an oversized blazer, you might just surprise yourself with an eye-catching look.

Play Around With Scarves

Emma Anderson

Whether you're styling it as a kercheif, putting it in your hair, or tying it around a purse, a scarf can make an old outfit or item seem new again. Another option? Bring back the early '00s and wear a larger option as a top. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

Photographs by Emma Anderson. Model: Bianca Redmerski. Makeup by Juliette Perreux. Hair by Helen Walker. Styling by Bettina Bati.