The One Fashion Rule We Learned in Quarantine

Staring at our closets for so long has made us realize something very important.

Dressing Up to Stay at Home
Photo: Model Taja Feistner wears Valentino coat and Valentino Garavani pumps. Photo by Alexander Saladrigas.

The fashion world has always taught us to choose our outfits based on our specific plans. For example, if we're working in a corporate environment, we might feel inclined to wear more suits, or style white button-downs with pencil skirts before heading to the office. For afternoon brunch, we usually keep things casual in a T-shirts and jeans, and tend to save sparkly dresses for weddings and fancy date nights.

However, once the coronavirus pandemic hit and we began quarantining at home, our thought process behind getting dressed started to shift. Alternating between sweats and pajamas day after day quickly lost its appeal, and we started to miss the rest of our wardrobe — elaborate and ridiculous items included.

Dressing Up to Stay at Home
Model Taja Feistner wears Prada coat, sweater, tights, and boots. Photo by Alexander Saladrigas.

We played around with jewelry just to lift our spirits, and tested out trends we were originally too nervous to try. The longer we were indoors, the longer we experimented with fashion, and soon, we were left wondering: who says that lace top and tights aren't appropriate for sitting on the couch? Couldn't we wear high-waisted shorts and a printed crop top to walk the dog?

Dressing Up to Stay at Home
Model Taja Feistner wears Michael Kors Collection blouse, Calzedonia tights, and Gucci heels. Photo by Alexander Saladrigas.

We've always been down to ditch outdated fashion 'rules' after realizing they made zero sense. Wearing white pants beyond Labor Day is no longer considered a faux pas, and daytime sequins are completely acceptable. It may have taken us a few weeks, but after staring longingly at all the unworn clothes in our closets, we discovered the best fashion rule of them all: that there really aren't any.

It's time to forget about being overly cautious when determining what's 'appropriate' or the norm for the place that we're headed. Maybe we wouldn't have considered slipping on a black cutout dress and bow-embellished shoes to head to the dentist, but there's nothing that's actually stopping us from doing so. (Well other than the fact that our dentist hasn't started seeing patients again yet — but when that day comes, she better brace herself for a full look.)

Why can't we wear whatever we want, whenever we want?

Dressing Up to Stay at Home
Model Taja Feistner wears Dolce & Gabbana dress and Salvatore Ferragamo flats. Photo by Alexander Saladrigas.

Admittedly, this is something we should have been asking all along. So many of our favorite fashion icons, such as Amal Clooney or Beyoncé, consistently choose to stand out in a crowd. They don't seem to care that everyone else arrived in gray and black; they'll confidently show off a bright green look. If denim cutoffs seem to be the uniform of sorts for a specific event, they'll opt for something ruffled. These women live by their own rules, and enjoy a specific sense of style. It's time for us to follow their lead.

Dressing Up to Stay at Home
Model Taja Feistner wears Louis Vuitton dress. Photo by Alexander Saladrigas.

Of course, quarantine has also forced us in a lot of ways to think practically. Maybe sneakers truly are the best choice for walking long distances, and sometimes, simple and subtle really is the best route. But, at the same time, it's pointless to keep waiting for the 'perfect' opportunity to break out strappy heels and structured slacks. It might never come. Don't deny yourself the chance to wear something you love just because the perfect moment hasn't happened yet.

So, even if it feels a little weird to show up to a backyard barbecue in a silver dress, what's weirder is that we once thought we couldn't. Also, if we're being really honest, it'll probably feel weird to show up at any kind of party for the first time after all of this — might as well do so in your fashion armor of choice.

Dressing Up to Stay at Home
Model Taja Feistner wears Celine by Hedi Slimane jacket, Max Mara pants, and Fendi heels. Photo by Alexander Saladrigas.

As the country begins opening again, we definitely plan to keep our carefree aesthetic. We'll be showing up to bars in oversized puff-sleeves and polka-dots, and our office attire might be more high-fashion than old school. After all, there are bigger things to worry about. Stressing over the "right" thing to wear for specific occasions shouldn't be one of them.

Photo by Alexander Saladrigas. Styled by Andrew Mukamal. Hair by Shinya Nakagawa for Artlist. Makeup by Ai Yokomizo. Modeled by Taja Feistner for Public Image Management.

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