The 12 Best Cashmere Sweaters To Complete Your Winter Wardrobe

Nothing will come between me and my Everlane cashmere crewneck

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Best Cashmere Sweaters

Everlane / Ralph Lauren

Investing in expensive trends can be a tricky game. You never know how long it will last or if you’ll even like it in a few weeks, let alone a few years. But you know what isn’t risky? Filling your closet with quality, timeless materials, like cashmere. I mean, I still own my first-ever cashmere sweater 10 years later. At first, I thought it was just good luck picking a sweater that lasts this long but turns out, cashmere has the tendency to “get better with age, thanks to the natural fibers that only get softer and warmer the more they are worn,” explains celebrity stylist Britt Theodora. 

Nothing beats the impossibly soft texture of cashmere that feels like being hugged by a cloud. The yarn, spun from the innermost layer of cashmere goats, is some of the most delicate material used in clothes in the market, which is why we consider it an investment. But because it is worth it, we collected the 12 best pieces on the market right now that you’ll have for years to come. And while all have their own unique properties that make them stand out, the Everlane cashmere crew wins the title of best overall for its versatility, quality, and comfort.

Best Overall

Everlane Cashmere Crew

Everlane The Cashmere Crew


What we love: It’s made of the best quality cashmere that will last you a lifetime. 

What we don’t love: It runs a little large. 

If this is your first time investing in a cashmere sweater, we recommend going for something you can use as an everyday piece for years to come, like the classic fitted crewneck. Stylist Liv Schreiber considers this Everlane cashmere crew one of her favorite cashmere sweaters. A timeless fit such as this, combined with a cashmere that only becomes softer with time, guarantees you a lifetime of wear. This option comes in six endearing colors at an affordable price point. Made of 100 percent Grade-A cashmere (meaning the highest quality), the sweater feels extraordinarily soft and lightweight. They use inner-Mongolian cashmere, which is more durable, pills less, and only becomes softer with time. The sweater has a slightly loose cut to it, allowing you to layer a button-down shirt underneath during work hours. It does run a little large, however, so if you wish to have the soft material hug you tightly, opt for a smaller size.  

Price at time of publish: $145

Material: 100% Grade-A Cashmere | Color: 6 | Size:  XXS-XXXL

Best Splurge

Mandkhai Hand Embroidered Jumper

Mandkhai Hand Embroidered Jumper


What we love: Its unique cashmere and extra fine merino wool blend make this buttery soft to the touch.

What we don’t love: It only comes in one size. 

This best-selling sweater from British label Mandkhai is nothing short of a masterpiece. Not only is it hand embroidered in Mongolia, but the oversized sleeves, extended hem, and turtleneck also give this a luxurious appeal, while simultaneously keeping you warm and cozy. Made of high-quality cashmere and extra-fine merino wool blend, the sweater feels extraordinarily soft. Just note that it will take a little longer to ship due to the fact that it is getting flown out from Great Britain. It also only comes in one size, which is quite limiting, despite its oversized cut. Otherwise, you’re truly investing in a one-of-a-kind piece that will remain your favorite sweater for an entire lifetime.  

Price at time of publish: $1,057

Material: 50% Cashmere, 50% extra-fine merino wool | Colors: 4 | Size: One size

Best Budget

Quince Women's Mongolian Cashmere Crewneck Sweater

Quince Mangolian Crewneck Sweater


What we love: There is a 365 day return policy.

What we don’t love: It’s not super thick, so I would call this a cashmere shirt rather than a sweater.

$50 for a 100 percent Grade-A cashmere sweater sounds almost too good to be true, so I put this crewneck to the test myself after the team at Quince kindly provided me with a sample. I thoroughly searched through this sweater to try and identify how something so quality could be so affordable. Is it see-through? No. Is it flimsy? Also no. Upon further investigation, I found out that these sweaters are shipped from factories to consumers. Eliminating the middleman allows Quince to cut down on costs and bring down the price for shoppers. The lightweight sweater is just as soft as it claims. Because it doesn’t have any extra frills or design elements, making it an ideal everyday top to wear. 

As a reliable basic, this sweater might be better suited as a long-sleeve T-shirt, rather than a sweater, though, because it’s not something you would layer on top of another shirt or find a ton of warmth in. But with a 365-day return policy and such an attractive price point, you really can’t go wrong with this purchase. 

Price at time of publish: $128

Material: 100% Grade-A Mongolian Cashmere | Colors: 15 | Size: XS-XL

Best Plus Size

Madewell Re(sourced) Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater

Madewell Re(sourced) Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater


What we love: It’s made of sustainable recycled cashmere from certified farms that manage their land and sheep with care.

What we don’t love: It may pill after a few wears.

Not only will the combination of cashmere and merino wool provide you with the softest sweater Madewell has to offer, but the ribbed turtleneck design is a winter wardrobe staple that simply always looks good. Sourced from progressive farms that care for their land and sheep, recycled cashmere is not only a comfortable option but also a sustainable one as well.

The boxy cut falls loosely around you giving you an elegant yet cozy appeal. It only has one review so far, which mentions pilling around the sleeves after some wear. So long as you wear it with caution, you’ll find yourself turning to it for every occasion. 

Price at time of publish: $158

Material: 70% recycled cashmere, 30% merino wool | Colors: 3 | Size: XL-4XL

Best V-neck

J. Crew Cashmere Relaxed Crewneck Sweater

J. Crew Cashmere Relaxed Crewneck Sweater

J. Crew

What we love: The cashmere is sourced responsibly.

What we don’t love: It runs a little large and can hang off your shoulders.

J.Crew has been making and mastering the cashmere sweater for decades. Their recent update to the wardrobe staple included finer, loftier fibers for an even softer experience. They’ve also added extra room in the sleeves to create a relaxed aesthetic — cashmere sweaters are meant to be comfortable, after all. The sweater runs a little large, though, with an exaggerated V-neck, making it slouch off your shoulders at times. If that doesn’t appeal to you, we recommend sizing down.

J.Crew’s partnership with the Aid by Trade Foundation ensures that the cashmere used in this sweater supports responsible cashmere production. All of the cashmere they source has to be certified to their Good Cashmere Standard, ensuring that the goats, natural resources, and farmers' welfare are protected. 

Price at time of publish: $158

Material: 100% cashmere | Colors: 6 | Size: XXS-XL

Best Turtleneck

State Cashmere The Turtleneck Oversized Sweater

State Cashmere The Turtleneck Oversized Sweater

State Cashmere

What we love: The founder of this brand was born into a shepherding family from Mongolia, and maintained his close relationship with the cashmere industry.

What we don’t love: We wish there was a larger size range. 

Anyone interested in eco-friendly cashmere should be familiar with State Cashmere. The founder comes from a family of shepherds from inner Mongolia. Having watched his family raise their cashmere goats (as well as its sustainable practices), he felt that staying within the industry was a natural choice. The goats are adored and cared for, and the shepherds are like family. You’re guaranteed to get a thoughtful, quality, and 100 percent cashmere piece if you shop here.

This relaxed turtleneck sits in between a chunky knit and the form-fitting sweater.  The back portion is a little longer than the front —  we recommend doing a french tuck and leaving the rest hanging around your waist. Pair with a long coat or leather jacket for the classic turtleneck look. Even though the fabric is quite stretchy, sitting loosely around the body, unfortunately, the brand only offers sizes up to XL.

Price at time of publish: $165

Material: 100% Inner Mongolian cashmere | Colors: 4 | Size: S-XL

Best Crewneck

Guest in Residence True Rib Crew

Guest in Residence True Rib Crew

Guest in Residence

What we love: It’s unisex, so feel free to share with a significant other or family member.

What we don’t love: It’s not as soft as some of the other options on this list. 

If you haven’t heard, Gigi Hadid launched a clothing line featuring all things cashmere. We obviously had to put her products to the test and received a sample of their True Rib Crew, 100 percent cashmere sweater. I have to say, the sweater looks exactly as pictured. It’s unisex, so it has an oversized fit on women. I love the slightly dropped shoulders that lead into chunky long sleeves. I’m five-foot-seven, wearing a size medium, and the sleeves go just past my fingertips when extended, which, to me, looked extremely flattering. The neck portion doesn’t feel restricting, instead sits flatteringly above your collarbones. With the white outlines, the minimalist straight-down stitchings, and comfortable material, my body fully relaxes in the sweater’s embrace. One thing to note, however, is that it does not feel as soft as some of my past encounters with cashmere. That isn’t to say that it isn’t soft — it is — it just doesn’t have that buttery-melting-into-your-skin feel. 

Price at time of publish: $375

Material: 100% cashmere | Colors: 2 | Size: XS-XXL

Best Cardigan

Alex Mill Cashmere Nico Cardigan

Alex Mill Cashmere Nico Cardigan

Alex Mill

What we love: It’s tailored just right, without being too tight or too oversized.

What we don’t love: It curves in at the hips, which might not appeal to some.

“You have to include this piece,” said my editor Chloe Anello. Naturally, I obliged. Not just because she is my boss, but because she continued to gush over its ridiculously soft material. Made of 100 percent cashmere, the cardigan gives a luxurious touch to any outfit you wear. It comes in three endearing colors — navy, green, and gray. But if you’re looking for a little more funk, opt for this colorblocked striped version.

I personally hate when cardigans’ sleeves fit tightly — I mean, how are you meant to wear long sleeves underneath? You won’t have that problem with the loose (but not oversized) sleeves on this option, though. Tailored to perfection, it can be thrown over just about anything. The buttons are made of real shell, adding  a simple yet cute touch to the cardigan. One note our editor had to say was that it curves in around the hips, which she says might emphasize wider hips, if that’s something you’re self conscious about.

Price at time of publish: $295

Material: 100% cashmere | Colors: 3 | Size: XS-XL

Best Patterned

Reformation Cashmere Boyfriend Sweater

Reformation Cashmere Boyfriend Sweater


What we love: It is sustainably made using 90 percent recycled cashmere.

What we don’t love: These pieces run extremely big.

This one comes highly recommended from stylist Thamarr Guerrier, who recently added it to her winter wardrobe. You can find this boyfriend sweater in a variation of colors and stripes, so I suggest checking those out as well. Made of 90 percent recycled cashmere and 10 percent virgin cashmere, this option from sustainability-pros Reformation features ribbing around the cuffs, hem, and collar. The crewneck cut is a classic style that looks put together and unisex. But Reformation tends to run large, in my opinion, so consider sizing down if you’d like a more fitted look.

Price at time of publish: $158

Material: 90% recycled cashmere, 10% cashmere | Colors: 8 | Size: XS-XL

Best Off-the-Shoulder

Brochu Walker The Lori Off Shoulder Sweater

Brochu Walker The Lori Off Shoulder Sweater

Brochu Walker

What we love: It feels luxuriously delicate on your body. 

What we don’t love: The exaggerated dropped shoulders might restrict your movements.

This lightweight cashmere sweater oozes sophistication. Not just in the way it slouches over your shoulders, but also in the delicate fabric used to craft this piece. I can confirm it comes with that classic softness that you expect from cashmere. While I don’t have this exact sweater, I do have this layered v-neck, which is only 30 percent cashmere and already lusciously comfortable. I can only imagine how feathery soft this piece made from  100 percent cashmere would feel.

The sweater has a unique, seamless opening at the collar, as well as very exaggerated dropped shoulders. While that is the whole appeal of the sweater, it’s likely that it will restrict your movement a little bit. It drops all the way down to your elbows, too, so perhaps it’s not the sweater to run your errands in — save it for times you don’t need to layer or  plan to make a sultry statement instead. 

Price at time of publish: $438

Material: 100% cashmere | Colors: 7 | Size: XS-L

Best Cable-knit

Ralph Lauren Cable Knit Cashmere Sweater

Ralph Lauren Cable Knit Cashmere Sweater

Ralph Lauren

What we love: You can add a custom monogram.

What we don’t love: It runs small, so size up for a perfect fit

For a true classic, you can’t go wrong with Ralph Lauren’s cable knit cashmere sweater. A piece that has remained relevant through decades, this sweater is going to keep you company until you choose to pass it on to the next generation. It’s made of 100 percent cashmere and comes in a wide range of colors. You can even add a custom monogram on it for an additional $10; you just have to choose a font color and style, and your initials (or whoever you are gifting this to) will be embroidered on. Cable knit designs are a cold weather classic. Matched with the warm cashmere material, you will have an endearing sweater that you can turn to every winter. 

Price at time of publish: $498

Material: 100% cashmere | Colors: 16 | Size: XXS-XXL

Best Oversized

Filoro Oversized Cashmere Turtleneck

Filoro Oversized Cashmere Turtleneck


What we love: It’s extremely soft, particularly around the neck, to keep you toasty.  

What we don’t love: The white version is slightly see-through.

This oversized turtleneck sweater with a cozy turtleneck that will definitely keep you warm is simply begging for you to cuddle into it. Made of heavyweight material, this sweater, which comes in four colors, features elongated sleeves with layered cuffs and a longer back, which is separated by a short slit on both sides.I tried the white version, but found it to be a bit see-through, so I recommend wearing a neutral bra underneath or a plain T-shirt in order to counteract the sheerness. . 

Price at time of publish: $250

Material: 100% Grade A Cashmere | Colors: 7 | Size: XS-L  

What to Keep In Mind

Cashmere Sourcing 

Cashmere is a rare fine yarn spun from fibers found in the inner layer of cashmere goats. These goats primarily live in Mongolia and northern China, where harsh weather conditions have made them develop a complicated fur composition that keeps them warm and dry during the winter months, and cool and breezy in the summer. Although you can find cashmere goats in Australia, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, and even the United States as well, the “best” goats will be found in locations with intense climate changes. During the spring and early summer months (April to June), farmers thoroughly comb through the goat’s fur to collect, clean, and spin the fibers into yarn, then dye it for color.

Different Cashmere Grades

Not all cashmere is created equal. Depending on the region of the goat, as well as the age, size, method, and season at which it is sourced, the quality of cashmere can vary significantly. Cashmere is therefore broken down into three grades, A through C, with A being the highest quality of cashmere. Grade A cashmere boasts the finest and shortest fibers, typically ranging from 14-16.5 microns thick. You will find many of the lightweight options in this list, such as the Everlane Cashmere Crew and Quince Mongolian Crewneck Sweater, which use Grade A cashmere. Grade B cashmere, while still soft to the touch, uses some of the thicker and longer fibers that fall out of the fur. It’s typically more affordable and is measured at 19 microns thickness. Naturally, thicker fibers make it more durable and heavyweight, making it a great winter weather option. Grade C cashmere measures up to 30 microns thickness, which is so thick that it is not even considered cashmere by the U.S. government. While brands typically don’t mention their cashmere grade past “A”, you can assume that thicker sweaters labeled at 100% cashmere use either grade B or grade C cashmere.


As with all things related to animal products, we need to do our parts and consider how these materials are produced. Many brands, including Madewell and State Cashmere have a committed pledge to sustainable sourcing and ethical business practices, details of which you can find on each individual website. Cashmere goats are not killed in the process, but rather combed, shaved, or naturally shed. Goats keep their much needed insulation during the winter months, and are only combed during the warmer months to help shed some of the extra weight. J.Crew partnered with Aid by Trade Foundation to ensure welfare of goats and natural resources, and Reformation uses recycled cashmere rather than virgin cashmere. Whatever the approach is to sustainability, make sure to read up on each company’s practices before making a purchase.    

Your Questions, Answered

What’s the best way to clean cashmere sweaters?

Cleaning cashmere can be complicated, but not impossible. Most labels will recommend bringing your cashmere sweater to a dry cleaner, but stylist Liv Schreiber uses specific wool and cashmere cleaners, such as the Johnstons of Elgin wool & cashmere shampoo, to hand wash her sweaters. It leaves a fresh scent on your cashmere, wool, and merino products while maintaining its soft properties. Note that this requires you to hand wash cold in the sink, not thrown into a washer. Guerrier follows this step by laying “them flat to air dry so it keeps its natural shape”. Once you’re done cleaning the sweater, celebrity stylist Britt Theodora recommends keeping “your sweaters folded to prevent any stretching and pulling on hangers”. One thing is for certain: never (ever) tumble dry your cashmere sweater. Cashmere, due to its fine threads, is prone to pilling. “Simply pat dry with a clean towel and then lay it flat on a dry towel”, advises Theodora.   

What makes cashmere worth the investment?

Why opt for cashmere? Why not stick to wool, polyester, or cotton? Cashmere, especially 100 percent Grade-A mongolian cashmere, is some of the softest, best insulated material on the market. “Cashmere makes for the softest sweaters that keep you warm without the bulk,” exclaims Theodora. “The best part, when taken care of properly, they get better with age. Thanks to the natural fibers that only get softer and warmer the more they are worn, cashmere is a great investment for any winter wardrobe”. Some brands, including Quince, offer lightweight premium cashmere at an affordable price. You can find options like the Everlane cashmere crew well under the $200 range thanks to these brands removing any middlemen between the brand and the factory. A cashmere sweater is also a “classic Americana style”, as Guerrier puts it, “and finding the perfect cashmere sweater that’s comfortable to wear is like striking gold”.

How do I style a cashmere sweater?

There is no limit to how cashmere sweaters can be styled. Depending on their cut, they can be paired with just about anything. A sporty option, such as the Everlane The Cashmere Crew, can be equally paired with sweatpants as with some slacks. A thick crewneck, like Gigi Hadid’s Guest in Residence True Rib Crew, can be worn with leggings, some blue jeans, or even a skirt. “I love wearing a cashmere turtleneck sweater alone or under a plaid blazer, a black leather skirt, tights and booties,” recommends Guerrier. Another way to incorporate cashmere sweaters is by “throwing them over your shoulders with a dress or over a button down shirt, because they are not too heavy,” suggests Theodora. However you choose to style them, you’re guaranteed to bring a little sophistication to an otherwise simple outfit.  

Why Shop With Us

Bianca Kratky is a commerce writer for InStyle with two years of experience covering fashion and lifestyle products. In order to write this article, she tested several of the mentioned cashmere sweaters herself and consulted celebrity stylists (Thamarr Guerrier, Britt Theodora and Liv Schreiber) to get an insider scoop on what to consider and how to style cashmere sweaters. Thorough research was completed to understand the environmental impact and humane practices of sourcing cashmere.

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